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Considering the New Tekton Design Encores? AND Owners Group - Experiences/Questions
To all Encore owners... What speaker cables are you using and are you using Tube or solid state power sources. I have a pair of Encores and the last thing I need to complete my system is to see whether I stick with my 10 gauge OFC copper wire or ... 
Line Magnetic LM-845 Premium - How quiet is it?
I recently purchased an LM 845 premium. I like it a lot with my Tekton Encores. Thinking about starting to roll some tubes. As I understand it the 12ax7 are the ones to start the ball with rolling.  Any recommendations along with good places to ... 
VAC 30/70...pick your pre?
So Phaun16... Which one did you end up with? I am looking at both the 219 and 508 here in 2022. Trying to make up my mind.    
Any Allnic integrated (or separate) amp owners out there?
Is the T2000 closer to a SS sound in the audio range of the tube amp ecosystem? I'm currently trying to decide on which Tube amp to purchase. The T2000 is one of the Push Pull Pentode designs I'm researching. Although I am leaning towards a SET d... 
Muzishare R100 300B 805 ... My Review and opinion
@earlflynn are those amps Push Pull and not SET?  
Newbie Needs Assistance
How about the Willsenton R8 tube amp and a pair of upgraded Tekton DIs?  
Speaker Upgrade Recommendation for Current Analog System - under $10,000 Budget
I was in your place for the last couple years. I had a set of Revel F52s that I wanted to upgrade from. I also want my next set of speakers to be my final pair unless I hit the lottery.I looked at a lot of the speakers that have been mentioned her... 
Help with Refoaming speakers
@reubent I initially did a local search and looked at Millersound. They list the speakers they repair on their website but Revel wasn't one of them. I will give them a call tomorrow and see if they can help me out. Thanks for the response. 
Tekton Double Impacts vs the competition....
So what about the Double Impacts SE vs The Encore?And did anyone upgrade to center BE Tweeters? 
New integrated amp
@jtweedI have had a CODA CSiB running 400 watts at 8ohms for 2 years now.The rest of my system is an OPPO 205, Revel F52 speakers, Vpi Aries Scout TT with an Ortofon 2m Bronze cart, Herron VTPH -1 phone stage, SVS SB Ultra-13 sub, Morrow cables fr... 
Legacy Wavelet as Preamp/DAC/DSP vs just DSP
On another note... What did you do with your pair of Focus SE?I'm currently looking for a used pair . 
Oppo BDP-105D just for CDs?
I'm in the process of figuring out how to use my Oppo 205's DAC to stream music.  Looking for a few steps up from a Bluesound Node 2i. Currently researching the Cambridge CXN V2. Debating on whether I want storage/ripping capabilities or not. Pric... 
Closest to pass labs int 250 or x250.8
imhififanMy Coda CSiB is the V3 version.400 watts at 8 Ohms800 watts at 4 OhmsClass A to ~8W at 8 Ohms 
Closest to pass labs int 250 or x250.8
Thought I would up date this thread. I really like the Coda CSiB. Lynott  your description was spot on. The Revel F 52's sound really good. I've been happy for the last three years but I am looking to move up the ladder a few rungs.Looking to purc... 
Legacy vs Revel
trknomoDo you prefer the MC452 over the Pass 350.5 with your Legacys? If so why? And what interconnects and speaker cables are you using?I'm running Teo Game Changers between my Oppo 205 and the Coda. And 10 gauge, oxygen free, bare copper wire to...