Just got a Schiit Yggdrasil

I’m using 2 sources...  a Mac mini 2018 running Roon and a Oppo 103 configured  for 192/24 out the coax.  Super easy to set up...pretty much plug and play.  The difference in sound quality, stage and absence of sibilance was easily noticeable immediately.  I had a lesser Schitt that the YGG replace.  The YGG weighs about 22 lbs out the box and was double boxed.  I only listened for about 30 minutes before the wife got home and the honey dos began.  I’ll update as it breaks in...
Lol, I know the feeling of having to do the honey dos when trying to critically listen. Have fun with the new gear! I'm a big fan of what Schiit is doing. Great company.
fastninja12, Please specify which model Iggy ...
My assumption would be the latest Model / Gen 5 USB-Analog 2.
Yggdrasil GS (garage sale) is being listed currently on schiit.com.
GS ... The latest chassis and:
"1. Two Analog 1 cards in an otherwise complete new-production Yggdrasil.
2. New firmware that makes the Yggdrasil GS measure almost the same as Yggdrasil (see the APx555 reports for both products). Yes, we still think the Analog 2 sounds better. Yes, we're weird.
3. A full 3 year warranty (a couple years less than Yggdrasil)."
Yeah weird!
Schiit is pitching Screwballs ...  
Yep got the GS fit my budget and I trust schitt, saved a schitt pot full of money and it sounds wonderful....

Please excuse the schitty joke.....
Congrats on the Yggy GS.  I was drooling over that but since I've already got a Gungnir I'm waiting for the Unison USB to be released as well.

I don't think they've announced a release date but were hinting that a new USB card for the Yggy and Gumby would come out shortly after the Windows 7 official support was to end on January 14, 2020.  Hopefully by February 14, but no official word on that.  Valentines day, hmm.
I just sent my Gungnir Mulitbit out to Schiit for the USB Unison upgrade.
Missin it already, darn it!
Unfortunately, on the Gungnirs, they have to flash the main board along with installing the new USB Unison upgrade.
Can't wait to get it back! I'm currently using my HK 3770 as a "stand-in" DAC and amp.
Using a Oppo 105 as a DAC for my Roon/Nucleus setup. Thinking of upgrading to a new Gungnir. Do you think it’s enough of a upgrade? Or do I need to invest in a Yggy to really notice a difference?
I, unfortunately never had the chance to hear any of the Oppos, before they stopped.
I couldn't say how much of a difference there would be.