Just bought Kef reference 1, now to choose speaker wires

Purchased Kef reference 1s and the rep recommended Audioquest Bi(something) wires, $1000+.  Seem pricey but these are kick-ass speakers and powered by a Rotel RAP 1580 AVR.   Any recommendations on great wires? Anyone Kef R1 owners with specific wires to recommend?

I just joined Audiogon and am starting to search through various posts.  Any help is much appreciated.
Use the one you have now to fully break in you speakers first. That way you would know how speakers react to new cables. I use Clear Day double shotgun. It is a silver cable but with your rotel, copper might be better. 
I recommend Anti-Cables Level 2 (by Paul Speltz). Cost is low ($80 - 120) and sound quality is high (many happy users). Check it out!
As rotaryphone suggest, use the speaker cables you have and fully break-in those new speakers. 
What speaker cables are you currently using?
If you purchase speaker cables what is your price range?
Do you want Bi-wires or do you want to use binding post jumpers?
Knowing the above information would allow me to make some aditional good suggestions.
I'm going with the Audioquest Rocket 88 8' PR Bi-Amp, Bi-wire. Having good luck with Audioquest Vodka HDMI cables.  I thought about a higher quality Audioquest speaker wire but prefer to spend the money on a Rotel Amp, RB1590 for more power to the Kef Reference 1s
Congratulations on the new acquisition.
I highly recommend the Clear Day Double shotguns on those fantastic speakers.
Thanks. I think I'll order the Clear Day Double shotguns and test them against the Audioquest and let my ears decide...
Looks like I won't be able to order the Clear Day due to illness by the owner...will check again in a month or so but not sure the dealer would take back the Audioquest wires.

"Thank you much for your kind words Fritz. Sad to say, I got sick again and have to stop making cables for a while.  I'm hoping I'll be up and running in a few weeks though.  So sorry I could not help now brother and God bless you,   Paul

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Your Double Shotgun wires are definitely getting tons of love on Audiogon.
That's too bad. Hope Paul recovers fast. He had a big surgery on his back I believe.
I like AudioQuest and Audience. Audience is very flexible. Try the Audience Ohno III line on a budget or Au24 SE or SX. You can get these cables at a decent price at usedcables.com or A'Gon. I used these with KEF LS50's. I will use Audience with a KEF Blade 2 in the future.
Sorry to hear about Pauls' health. Yes, he did have a major surgery during the Sep/Oct time frame last year. Hope he recovers soon.
There is a pair on the Clear Day Double Shotguns on sale on audiocircle site. But I have never dealt on that site, so cannot comment.
Audiocircle seems like an interesting site. I registered but searching for anything seems impossible.  I get the same message when searching for any keyword and on any "Circle"

" An Error Has Occurred! You are not allowed to search for posts in this forum."
I have LS50s and Belden 10awg, copper bfa plugs. Work wonders.
The Furez mentioned above would work just as well.
I have the Kef Reference 1 speakers installed today and they sound great. Time for the break in period. Also, I'm likely going to add at least 1 Rotel RB1592 power amp, 2X350 WPC. Depends on how well the sales year goes...might add 2 and dedicate to each speaker. Plus, would need a new Salamander AV furniture to better store the new gear. The BDI is 9 years old and staring to look that way... Plus, I'm resisting upgrading the power cords but likely will give in to the What If?... Need to wait for Paul to heal and then order Bi-amp Double Shotguns with a spade on one end & Bananas on other.  there goes another $9-10k... Fun Time$$$
Congratulations @fritzjurg. Good to know that you like the KEFs. I have listened to them multiple times at audio shows. As far as the Salamander goes, make sure that they are not as tall as the loudspeakers+stands, unless you do not plan to position that stand between the speakers. Check out Cullen Cables or Signal Cables for power cord option.
Hopefully Paul gets well soon and make the cables for you. If you get a chance, please do post pics of your new speakers. Make sure NOT to use loud volume to break-in the speakers. Just use moderate volumes and you should be fine. In the meanwhile enjoy your system.

Congratulations on the KEF Ref 1s. I'll second milpai's recommendation of Cullen Cable for power cords. I'll also recommend Cullen for speaker cable as well.

About three weeks ago I added a Cullen Crossover ll power cord and Crossover speaker cable. They are excellent and a great value. I made a brief post with my impressions at the link. Good luck with your search Enjoy those new speakers.