Anyone bought a Gryphon Diablo 333?

Anyone expecting one soon or received theirs?

My biggest question is, does the Diablo 333 have a slightly dark, rich, bassy tone to it, like the Diablo 300 and the Antileon Evo? Or is it the more neutral “Essence” sound?




I'm not 100% sure they've started shipping the 333 out yet. Probably very soon though.

@kgturner, two weeks ago one person in another forum said they had received  theirs (they said they were the first).  They noted it sounded good but was verging towards slightly harsh up top with their KEF Blade 2’s.  But that was fresh out of the box. They have not responded to follow up questions from others or made any comment since then….

@nyev Interesting, thank you for sharing. Do you mind sharing which forum that is so I can also follow?

Thank you.

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Moderator removed my post.  Search and you will find it easily I’m sure.

Well I'm all ears for reviews & owner impressions. I have a Boulder 866 and the Diablo 333 is quite intriguing at this point.

Yeah as I mentioned, I really can’t wait to see how Gryphon voiced it, as they are a somewhat unique brand that has a couple of different “house sounds”.  I expect it will be great performance wise and better the Diablo 300 which is what I currently have, but if they voice it slightly dark, then the chances one will end up on my rack are quite high….

I’ve just learned that Gryphon no longer has any Diablo 300’s and is not making any more.  Demand for the remaining Diablo 300’s skyrocketed when they announced the 333 earlier in the year. I expect Diablo 300’s will be sold and bought like hotcakes on the second hand market over the coming year.



I have a 300 and unless the performance were substantially better, which is hard to do given how good the 300 is, I can't see myself upgrading. I got my 300 for $18K CAD new in 2022 just before the last price increase. A new 333 in my neck of the woods is around $30K CAD. 

I imagine used 300s will soon pop up for sale as some owners upgrade, if some can be had for under $15K, they'd be a no brainer as there is no integrated you can buy new for that money that comes close IME.

@kairosman , agreed the 300 is fantastic. Love mine, which is really why I’m curious about how Gryphon could have improved it.

I see @jays_audio_lab mentioned Gryphon is sending a 333 for him to try; I am looking forward to that. Will be interesting to see if we get some community/owner accounts first. Beyond the one account in the other forum, who said that his was the first shipped to a consumer in Europe.

I agree that I don’t know of any integrated, or separates for that matter, that at an equivalent price would out perform the Diablo 300. That said, I’ve not heard the Vitus, D’Agostino, Dartzeel, and other uber-integrateds so I can’t compare. But, part of why I love the 300 is that slightly dark chocolatey tone (it’s not neutral and for me at least, better for it). It tames recordings I love that sound like trash on more neutral amps I’ve tried, giving me a far broader library of material to play in a musically engaging way. I’ve never accepted the notion that a revealing system will make poor recordings unlistenable, and the Diablo’s tone is PART of the equation that has helped me avoid compromising on this front.

This is why I am so interested in whether the 333 maintains this character.

Gryphon's brand ambassador Rune says the 333 will have more in Class A, how much more isn't clear yet. - so will it run hotter as it already runs pretty warm?

Also he said there's new transistors, the Sankens in the 300 have a warmish character (see Rega's Aethos) hopefully the new ones won't change the tonal character of the amp because I agree the 300 imparts a bit of gravy that makes poor turkey recordings palatable.

Regardless, curious how much better the 333 would have to be to get 300 owners to upgrade, how about you?


@kairosman , good question, TBH I’m interested in the 333 but if it’s more than a bit better I will probably go for it - but only if it has that dark tone as I said. But I have to say I’m very happy with the 300 in my current system, especially with Audiovector R6 Arrete’s which apparently were designed and voiced using Gryphon amps. So it would be a nice to have upgrade, as opposed to a need to have to fix something I’m unhappy with.

Funny story that might offend McIntosh owners but I’ll tell it. My dealer once cold-called me asking if I was interested in upgrading my amp with a tradein program and said no I love my Diablo. He replied, “sheesh we really don’t like you set-for-life Gryphon customers. We prefer our McIntosh customers who upgrade every year.” Followed by “Oh I really shouldn’t have bashed the other brands we carry…”

I’m sure he said it just to make me feel good but it was funny.

Prior to the Diablo 300 I read accounts that said it was a pretty big leap over the 250 which I’ve not heard.  So I wonder if they have advanced it by that degree again.


If the 333 is as much a step up as the 300 was from the 250 then I guess I’ll be upgrading too, damn it!

McIntosh is good but not at the level of Gryphon, however lol the blue meter cult does continue on unabashedly.

On the Gryphon website the 333 is specified at 112 lbs so its added 22 lbs - if that’s not just ’fat’ but real muscle we might be in for a serious upgrade!

There is now a 20min dealer recording posted of the Diablo 333 playing with Audisi Estelon XB Diamond speakers.  I think this is the second recording of the 333 to be posted online (first was from a show and with background noise).  For what it’s worth, it’s well recorded - Diana Krall’s Temptation 13min in is probably the best part to listen to, again, for what it’s worth.  I’d post a link but my post would probably be deleted.  Search and you will find it.


I’m sure the 333 is a bit better/different than the 300, but how much better can it be without being better than the Essence pre/amp…….

@swede58 if my math and pricing info is right, the Essence Pre/Power would be 75% more expensive than a Diablo 333 (without optional modules). So in theory you are right, not suggesting the price differential is anything meaningful but I’d expect it would be somewhere between a Diablo 300 and the Essence combo.

That said I’d also expect the Essence to sound quite a bit different as well (not just better) given that it is designed to be pure Class A / lower power, and really, just a different amp altogether. In my case, I’m avoiding going to a separate pre not only for cost reasons but I also prefer not to add another component with an expensive interconnect and power cord.


I will probably get a chance to hear them side by side when the importer gets the 333, hopefully very soon. They also have the Essence, Antileon and Mephisto.

In my part of the world the 333 is almost 50% more expensive than a D300 and the Essence pre/power is 55% more expensive than the 333.

Friends, I am happy to report I have a 333 on order and am hoping to take delivery before the end of the month. I’ll obviously post my impressions once I get it in and setup. 

@nyev, I’ve very much enjoyed your past posts about your demo experience with cables for your Diablo 300. I’ll be looking to upgrade my current speaker cables (Shunyata Venom), and Nordost will have to be considered, among others. 



@62truck , thank you and glad my sharing of experiences has been informative.  Very happy to hear you have a 333 en route!  Looking forward to your impressions.  What is the rest of your system?

I remain convinced that the that Audioquest Dragon power cords and Nordost Valhalla 2 speaker cables are the best for my Diablo 300 and system, at least for the cables I’ve demoed.  

@62truck , do you have a sense of how the Diablo 300 sounds and performs, to compare with your 333?  If not no worries, still interested in your impressions either way.



Thank you!

My system currently is a Lumin T2 (Shunyata Alpha NR V1) and Magico A3's.

I demo'd the Diablo 300 on Magico A3's when I first was putting together what would become my current system. That is the only reason I was comfortable ordering the 333 unheard. But it was a few years ago and I am convinced I won't be able to give a detailed A/B comparison, unfortunately.

@62truck , thanks and looking forward to your impressions, which possibly will be the first on Audiogon for the 333!  Might have started a competition now, lol…

Hmm i would be interested too in getting some impressions

I owned the diablo 300 before

now I own a krell 300 xd. The gryphon imo is was the more powerful amp.. and i enjoyed the sound. However, im a bit shocked to say I’m enjoying my Krell more. Its both sweeter and more detailed. That said i often think back at my time with the gryphon

i started looking at trading in for an i400, but gryphon says the 333 usesCircuit advancements and parts from the new Apex and Commander. VERY intriguing

the i400 is probably better, but the 333 is not only cheaper but can save me from buying a preamp

@62truck is your 333 any closer to you yet?  I’m impatient for you lol….

What country are you based in?  Just wondering when the 333’s are actually shipping in volume.  Seems some stores are getting them in finally.

@nyev Thanks for following up! Still haven’t received my 333 yet. It would appear they are trickling out but still not readily available. I am US-based. 

I will definitely post once I have a concrete idea on ETA. 

I’ve been reading up on cables to help distract myself from the wait time. :)

BTW my Gryphon dealer in Vancouver has a demo 300 with DAC on sale for $20K CAD, 42% off retail. Good deals on 300s are going to be coming fast and furious, just thought I'd share the info for anyone out there who's ever wanted one.

Yes that's why they are doing a fire sale, no idea why they've parted ways but can't be easy to replace Gryphon with something comparable.

Due to some recent vibration control and other tweaks in my Diablo 300 and my system is sounding far better than it ever has before….   Really sounds quite stunning now, more natural, flowing and higher resolution.  I’m excited by the potential of the 333 but the thought of messing with this magic that is happening, is a bit worrisome.. 



@nyev That is great to hear. What sort of tweaks/changes have you made? 
Would love to know!

@62truck , I think my tweaks fall into the category of, it works for me and may or may not work in your scenario as they are dependent on a variety of variables.  But for what it’s worth, I switched from using Herbie’s Tenderfeet under my components to Herbie’s Giant Fat Dots, inserted under stock component feet.  These made small incremental improvements and I liked the sound better. But what really transformed everything beyond belief is when I installed the dots under my Innuos PhoenixUSB reclocker.  The level of stability, resolution, and overall noise free sound was astounding.  

The other thing I changed was plugging my Diablo directly into my second, unused, 20A dedicated circuit.  I had tried this years back and it sounded better plugged into my Torus RM20.  But I have new cabling, components and speakers now, and now my system sounds far better with the Diablo straight to the wall.  More natural mids and overall more free and flowing; easier to listen to.



@62truck , also, to put the scale of improvement into perspective, I had recently upgraded from Audioquest Hurricane to Dragon power cords on 3 of 4 of my source components with the 4th component having a Firebird powering it.  The improvement was worth the cost (to me).  But there is no question that the inexpensive tweaks above made far more difference.  That said, the upgrades to the dragons may have been needed to make these tweaks so effective.  Lots of variables!

@nyev Thank you for sharing your experiences on the isolation feet and power cord upgrades. It's always great to hear how these things work out in real-world scenarios. I have not heard of these Herbie Fat Dots. I am reading up on them more and will likely try out a set for my digital player. Just need to determine which size is a good fit for my Lumin T2.

I do lust after an HC Dragon for the 333 down the road!

Hello everyone, here I would not answer Kairosman's or Nyev's questions but you probably know that the Gryphon Diablo 333 will be in Montreal for the weekend of 22 March  2024 in a Canadian premiere (Montreal Audio Fest).

Here is an excerpt from Absolute Sound: "The new Diablo 333 will be on active display in Bliss Acoustics' Montreal Room 2, drivingAudioNec EVO-3 Speakers. Nagra's Reference Anniversary Turntable with Nagra Reference Cartridge and Nagra HD Phono, Playback Designs MPS-8 SACD Player/DAC and Aurender N 20 Network Player, Modulum Racks, CAD GC 3.1 Ground Control, Luna Cables Rouge Series and Stillpoints Aperture II Acoustic Panels complete this "Super System."

I myself am the proud owner of a Gryphon Diablo 300 paired with a LUXMAN DA 10-X player. Recently I sold a superb pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution.

I was very satisfied but I found that the sound of the Sonus Faber was going a little too much in the same direction as the slightly syrupy Gryphon (the total of both). I sold the Sonus and I'm aiming for FOCAL SCALA V2 (of which I heard the latest EVO version). For the moment I'm listening on VIRGO 25 (back up) and it performs better like that especially since I acquired AUDIOQUEST DRAGON SOURCE and HIGH CURRENT power cord. I now hear the true sound of the devices and I have rediscovered the Audio Physic.

To conclude, I will be happy to shake hands with the Dragan Reljic, Owner of Bliss Acoustics (Where my Gryphon comes from) during this weekend and I would have an attentive ear to the sound of the GRYPHON 333 (hoping that this one will be burn in). I hope that the audiophile media will be able to make a short analysis of it. I find it deplorable that no specialized magazine has yet made it a test bench? Then will it be worth the difference of nearly $10,000 Can. To be continued

I will be interested in following this. I’ve owned an Essence Stereo for several years, and was using a Tambaqui directly into it. I was considering getting an Antileon as the sound I was getting was overly transparent. Pretty, precise, nice depth, but weak bass, dynamics, and lacking tonal density to really feel convincing. Turns out, I just needed a pre amp. In gathering data, I noted that many in the industry feel that Gryphon amps are at the top of the heap, but the pres are not held is high esteem. Also, many feel that a tube amp is desirable with the Essence. I wound up buying a very expensive solid state pre (that has just a touch of warmth) and have the sound quality I desire. The Essence amp is pretty amazing, and is really influenced by the component feeding it. I do wonder though if a 333 would have gotten me there at a lower cost. It will bet interesting as the reviews come in on how people compare Essence separates, Essence amp with a different pre, the 333, and the 300.

@roccl007 , I think I know what you mean by the slightly syrupy sound, related to the Diablo 300.  Not a negative on its own but I could seem how this could be compounded by other components with a similar effect.

Best of luck with the Diablo 333 and my guess is it will be to your liking.  I base this on a forum post that details the sound quite a bit.  The post is on a forum with the letter p, also s, and it also it has the word audio in it.  Sorry this forum won’t let me say it.  It’s in the thread “your latest upgrade part 2”.

The poster said the midrange is warmer, easier to listen to and cleaner sounding vs the 300, and says the upgrade is well worth it (no surprise!).


@ricky64 I’ve ALMOST followed your path, just recently. I too have a Tambaqui. And with my new Audiovector R6 Arrete speakers, I actually now feel that the Diablo 300 has a touch too much bass and that touch of darkness - the same qualities that I felt really complemented my last speakers (B&W 803 D2). Compared to the B&W’s my Audiovectors are more warm and relaxed sounding, but detailed with a lot of bass. The upper mids and treble are not accentuated like they were with the B&W’s which had far less bass.

So with this change, I am looking for a touch more neutrality than I have now, and not the Diablo sound anymore (it’s not as extreme as I’m making it sound and in fact it pairs with many modern speakers extremely well). A contact told me the Gryphon distributor told him that the 333 still has that Diablo 300 darkness but is now a bit closer to neutral like the Apex and Essence.

With that info and with my new warmer sounding speakers, I have an Essence stereo amp on the way. And since I like my Tambaqui but wanted the advantage of an analog preamp without adding another box, I have a Makua on the way with a Tambaqui inside it.

It’s a gamble as I now will have three very neutral components across the Essence amp, Makua, and embedded Tambaqui. But I’m hoping this will be a good match for my slightly warm and full-bodied Audiovector speakers (at least in comparison to the B&W’s). I know for sure this combo will not be bright sounding as the Makua and Tambaqui have that hint of liquid smoothness while being neutral and detailed, but I also know this combo would not have worked AT ALL with the B&W’s!

Despite the high cost, I am okay if it doesn’t work out - I would likely sell and “fall back” to a Diablo 333. But I’m hopeful everything will work out!

Interesting comment about Gryphon Pre’s. Any reference on this comments or is this more a word of mouth thing? I hadn’t heard this before.

Also @ricky64 , which speakers and preamp do you have?




@ricky64 another thing, in case you’ve heard the Makua/Tambaqui combo with the Essence and found it to be too lean for your speakers or worse, no need to hold back and be polite - I’m not the sort to think just because I bought something that it’s going to be great!  I’d rather be informed by someone with experience:)

@Nyev; Wow, yes, we were on parallel paths. My speakers are Rockport Atria ii's. I was always puzzled, as they should have plenty of bass. I even added a sub to my system, which now that I have my pre, is sitting turned off. 

I listened to several pre's in the system. I had listened to the Makua in the system a couple of years ago, and it didn't add the image density I was looking for. That being said, I was have issues with a Roon nuc streamer at that time, which I replaced with a Grimm Mu1, so the system is  different since I listened to the Makua. I wound up getting an Accuphase C3900. With the Essence I get a big soundstage, very punchy bass, rich textural detail, and still have some airiness (I had an Accuphase integrated years ago that was a bit too warm and rolled off. The C3900 adds a touch of warmth without a lot of consequences, to my ear).  I think the Makua might work. I did note that on some other forums, people had success adding a tube pre to the Essence. I listened to a top tube pre, and preferred the Accuphase. Please keep me posted on your results, I would be very interested. One thing I can say for sure...the Essence is a winner. It is a bit of a chameleon, and can be warm, dynamic, and punchy, or transparent and airy dependent on what it is fed. Depending on speakers and room, I think it can be end game.

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@ricky64 , thank you, and congrats on finding the right components to make your system click!  I’ve heard others also say how the Essence amp can be that chameleon that takes on the character of other components.  You saying that just now makes me realize that if the Makua doesn’t work out, another path aside from the Diablo 333 is a different preamp.  I’d say my speakers with current speakers in the current system have a bit too much image density actually, with them being a touch too full bodied. Not sure if this is what you meant by image density but  thanks again!

By the way I’ve tried the MU1, but currently have the Innuos Zenith Mk3 and PhoenixUSB reclocker.



@ricky64 , in your preamp journey, did you ever try the T+A SDV 3100 HV?  It’s the same price as your Accuphase I think, and seems interesting as the embedded DAC in theory should be at the Tambaqui level or even better. And the preamp is analog.  





I've looked at this, but struggled with the asking price. I did get a discount on the Accuphase. I think you could probably get an amazing pre, keep the MMT, and have quite a bit left over compared to the 3100. 

@ricky64 , this may be a flawed approach but currently I’m doing all I can to keep the DAC inside the analog preamp. This is because I have all Audioquest Dragon power cords and one very pricey Dragon interconnect. At this point, I am all Dragoned out and really want to avoid more massive cost that unfortunately has been worth it, at least to me.

My Audiovectors are quite easy to drive at 91.5dB and they have three bass drivers (one 6.5” driver on the front baffle, one 6.5” downward facing driver and a second 8” downward facing driver).

So I’m really hoping that the Makua will do the trick with adequate body and heft, but we’ll see.

Unfortunately I’ll only have a stock cable with the Essence amp for about a month while my Audioquest Dragon cord is being converted to a 20A C19 connector at Audioquest.




You have a really nice system. Given you made the move to warmer speakers, I think the makua may do the trick. I suspect it will open the soundstage and increase bass and dynamics. The Essence while neutral, definitely is not analytical sounding. So I would be optimistic about your choices!

One advantage that the Diablo 333 (and my current Diablo 300 for that matter) has over the Essence is that I’ve read that the warmup time for the Essence in Class A mode is rather long.  Many hours.  However Gryphon has said that it takes only 30min to warm up after it’s already been warmed up (presumably for hours) in AB mode.  I’m okay with this.

@ricky64 , what has your experience been with respect to warmup time with your Essence in a class A mode?

This has never bothered me that much. It does sound better after warmup, but it still sounds good when switched on You also just have the option of listening (or leaving it) in Class AB if you wish. I think "Many Hours" is a bit of an exaggeration.

@ricky64 How easy (or difficult) is it to change the bias level if you don't have a Gryphon preamp? Is there a switch on the amp?...I'm always wondered that.


@nyev I am excited to hear your thoughts once the Essence and Makua arrive and get setup. I have my fingers crossed it gives you the sound you want!


This past weekend, I was able to move (with the help of a visiting friend) my 333 from its temporary spot to its place on the rack. While this was always the goal, the speaker placement is now compromised with the now-too-short speaker cables. I'm hoping to bring in new cables shortly, however.

For those interested, the 333 has been burning in very nicely. I seem to have a hard time turning it off at the end of each session....."just one more song" :D

@62truck , there are two buttons under the front of the Essence amp, one that controls the bias level and one that controls the lights. On some photos of the Essence you can see two blue lights shining below the amp. These lights signal where the buttons are. If you have the Gryphon pre, I believe you can change the bias on the remote, but I won’t have that option, unless I program a third party remote I guess. The other thing only available with the Gryphon pre is the “green bias” mode, but from the description I don’t think I’d ever use that (basically low bias up to a programmable volume level and high bias after if i understand it correctly).

Still three weeks or so before delivery for me I think.

Glad you are enjoying your 333!!!  



@62truck, @ricky64, I received the Essence in Tuesday and have been running it in continuously (despite Gryphon’s manual indicating it is fully run in in the factory).

As absolutely fantastic as the Diablo 300 is, I do think the Essence is a step up in all respects, as it should be. Aside from watts of course. This is even with my Tambaqui feeding the Essence directly.

Unexpectedly given what others have written about the Essence having less bass than the Diablo, while this is true to a much smaller degree than I anticipated, the bass from the Essence has a tone to it that seems more alive or something. Not sure how to describe, but it’s very satisfying. And the midrange and higher frequencies are a touch more laid back and a touch bigger. Very nice, and easy to listen to - not that the Diablo isn’t. In Class A mode the sound is more resolute, fuller and more present, yet with transparency and separation maintained. Timing is very, very good with very satisfying snappy impact too.

The only flaw I perceive that I expect will be resolved with the Makua is that I am getting far less soundstage depth as compared with the Diablo 300. Due to using my Tambaqui’s digital volume control I suspect. But part of this is attributable to the fact that I’m using the generic power cord on the Essence. My Audioquest Dragon cord is on its way back to me from AQ after being converted to the 20A C19 connector that the Essence requires.

Even with the temporary loss in soundstage depth I’d easily pick this current setup over the Diablo - as great as the Diablo is. I plan to do some back and forth comparisons between the two tomorrow. Tonight I’m just chilling out listening with the Essence currently listening to Kind of Blue, which I thought of playing after seeing another recent thread with the title of this classic. So good. And a full, rich, warm and laid back but also detailed and lively sound - not what I was expecting with the Tambaqui going direct into the amp.





Oh, one thing, I definitely notice quite a significant improvement after warming it up in high bias mode for quite a while.  Not quite sure of the actual time yet but it’s over an hour for sure, at least by my ears.  In the first hour and for some time after, even after switching from being warmed up in low bias, the image isn’t quite settled and I don’t get the full resolution in the high frequencies.  But after it gets there, wow.  I knew this going in so not a surprise.  The Diablo 300 definitely warms up faster but it’s not the quoted 45min.  But as stated above, it’s not like it doesn’t sound good when first powered up.  It just gets quite a bit better.

Thanks for the follow up. My experience with the Essence is that the 3D soundstage/depth was very impressive. So, I don't think the amp itself is the limiting factor here. Component interactions are complex and fascinating!