It's almost like poll, but certainly more fun

If you had Rolex 2-tone Daytona, would you trade it for an audio component, system or would rather not trade it?

For me, personally, I'd still be in research of such component (far a lot easier task vs. researching a system) that will be equal or higher value and keep value same or better... It's darn HARD to look there for me and maybe I'd go to Guitar Avenue and find valuable components there.

You may get different or even better idea


I am not trying to trade any Rolex Daytona, I just want discharged chat here!


@jeffrey125 I feel you pain  my dad passed away 42 years ago when I was just a kid.  I look up and thank him everyday for living and loving me!

I won't trade my Rolex.  And it's NOT a Daytona.  But I know a racer that has one.

czarivey, I hear you.

I don’t have Rolex but if I ever really need it I will. Explorer model.

I’m a watch geek and collect whatever I find to be interesting and a good value. All automatics. A new Rolex currently requires a long wait if ordering one, and they’re very expensive these days. Interestingly they produce around a million watches a year with one of the least expensive men’s models still around 8 grand or so. Do the math. Pateks are mostly pretty ugly to me (a nice chronometer came out a couple of years ago, almost as expensive as a new Rolex Dytona) but great history anyway. Chronometers (I have a few designated as such) generally do keep better time it seems. I also have great sounding audio gear, none of which is particularly expensive. And yeah, generally nobody cares about that, and rarely do I meet another watch collector.