Love is certainly but is music...?

Am I the only one or do any of you out there suffer withdrawal from not enough music. Is music a DRUG that without a regular fix your body (mind) begins to suffer and exhibit symptoms of withdrawal?? If I go for days without music (in the sweet spot) I can get irritable and little things which I usually don't let bother me become more of a problem than they should be. I am a facilities manager and deal with a lot of stressful situations and I do it well (IMHO), setting my clients at ease with the best possible solutions. No music and I begin to share their stress. Do I need a Twelve Step Program?????
What you say makes perfect sense. It's your way of relieving stress. Mine too. I crave it.
You're certainly not alone. Music soothes the savage beast -- and I do get a bit grumpier when I'm unable to relax with it.
your not alone,i have gave up on television all together & music is the valium that keeps me from having to take another anger management class.
I've expressed, more or less the exact sentiments on many occasions. Great music retunes the inner oscillator, if you know what I mean. Physiologically, I'm sure it leads to endorphin release, sometimes very intensely! Endorphins are your own, personal opiates, and we know how addictive they can be.