ISO-PLUS Ethernet RF Filters vs Fiber Optic Cable


I'm trying to send a clean internet signal into my DAC to eliminate some of the noise the DAC has to filter.  I am currently using the DX Engineering ISO-PLUS Ethernet RF Filters on the ethernet cable between the internet switch and the Bridge II card on a PS Audio DirectStream DAC.  I wanted to know if it would be better to use fiber optic cable instead of the RF filters.

Using the fiber optic cable would cause me to add two wall warts, and have the EMI problems that that come with them.  The RF filters don't require electricity, so I don't have those EMI problems with them.

Please let me know what you think.  




I would seriously advise you on Network Acoustic ENO filter , it goes after the switch into the Ethernet input. It made an incredible difference to my setup and they give you 30 days to return it if your not impressed.

Does the Network Acoustics device perform a different function

than the Uptown Regen I have now?  


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Well, I am using an etherRegen switch sending the optical cable (fiber optics) to my Lumin dac. I couldn't believe the improvement in sound quality with using the optical cable over ethernet cable.


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Optical is the only hundred percent isolation solution. Now its been reported on another thread Innuos claims optical conversion generates noise that makes it inferior to ethernet. I find that highly doubtful, based on both my experience and many others. On the presumption it may be true in any particular setup, there are a number of variables that may make this possible.


FMC's (fiber media converters) are not of a single quality. You can have generic FMC powered by SMPS, generic powered by LPS, and finally, much higher quality FMC such as the Sonore Opticalrendu line. I have experienced all three levels of optical conversion, Sonore plays on entirely different level.


I've not tried the positively reviewed, and I assume very good performing Acoustic Network Eno, but it, or any filter cannot one hundred percent completely isolate network noise as optical can.


For the skeptics, I only ask they try optical vs. their best ethernet solutions and report.

I'd also add, one should read John Swenson's papers on network optimization, John is perhaps preeminent audio network engineer.

I use both fmc optical and the accustic revive filters, 3 of them actually fmc to switch , switch to server , server to dac.

Thanks for the feedback.  I decided to switch from TIDAL to Qobuz and use MCconect instead of ROON.  I'll try that for a while before making any other changes.

I have only tried the accustic revive so I can’t comment on the others but they strip away a lot of the dirt . I’d like to get a couple more for the router side in the future.