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Stack Audio-SmoothLAN Network Filter- WOW!
I'm really enjoying my Stack Audio SmoothLan. Have it placed before my Uptone Audio EtherRegen. Agree with comments about Josh from Stack Audio. He provides exemplary service (therefore total customer satisfaction). So, excellent service. Conce... 
seeking advice on iso pucks /stands or similair that won't stain speakers?
Many consider Stack Audio Auva to be better acoustically. Mine screw into my stand base. So no staining. My Auva 100 are the best isolation devices I have ever heard to include Stillpoints, Isoacoustics, Audiopoints and Symposium Roller Blocks.... 
seeking advice on iso pucks /stands or similair that won't stain speakers?
I use Stack Audio Auva 70 under my speaker stands. Fabulous. So good I bought a set of Auva EQ under my Puritan PSM156. And for good measure, a set of Auva 50 under my system rack.  
Eversolo or Aurender: Options and Opinions
I was in a similar position. Wanting to upgrade to a USB stand alone streamer. Innuos and Lumin were the best candidates. Although some models had inbuilt Dacs.  
Importance of clocking
I may not be arguing, but I sure as hell will not be buying any of his products.  
Aurender Now Roon Ready
No Roon was the reason I've not bought an Aurender. A bit late now, as I've ordered an Antipodes K21.  
Stupid question about hooking up a streamer
My system uses a wifi extender, with ethernet to streamer. In essence, similar to what you are hoping to do. Works very well.  
Mad Scientist Audio Speaker Cable
It would a good idea to find out from the manufacturer before you accuse them of dodgy practices. Casting aspersions from your safe haven behind the keyboard is lazy and unfair.  
Importance of clocking
Would love 'simple,' but complex has reaped sonic benefits!  
Stack Audio Auva Isolator
I have Stack Audio Auva 70 under my Sound Anchors stands, with ATC SCM19v2 speakers. Have a set of Auva 50 to put under my audio rack this weekend. And Auva EQ under a Puritan PSM156.  
Mad Scientist Audio Speaker Cable
Bob, the Mad Scientist, is a very decent guy. I met him four years ago. Dropped into his place. Had a good chat. Listened to his system. Have had his USB, Black Magic. Upgraded to Black Magic Ultra, and now to Black Magic Gold. Also have two Blac... 
Stack Audio Auva speaker isolators
I use Auva 70 under my speakers, and they also function as intended. Auva EQ under my power conditioner. Yet to install Auva 50 under my system rack.  
Ethernet cable for music streaming
@cooper52 Innuos website recommends 12v 5A. The Pulse Mini accepts a wide range of LPS voltages though. I’m not sure the amperage required if the LPS has a voltage other than 12v. Innuos would probably be keen to advise you on this. If you get ... 
Puritan PSM156
@protegimus  I realised I hadn't answered your questions. Since I ordered everything from the UK, I got them all at once. PSM156, Ultimate power cable, and Ground Master City. My modem/router are plugged into an iFi Powerstation, and powered by... 
Puritan PSM156
@protegimus I had to rework the panel as well. Haven’t had a listen yet. Lent my USB cable to someone in the UK. Since my system is down, also lent my DDC, I2S cable and USB reclocker to a friend who lives close. System will be back up and ru...