Home made treatment to reduce Bass bloom or resonance in a room?

Hi All,
Has anyone constructed their own panels or treatments for certain areas of the listening room or living room?
I like to listen to my audio system at higher levels; to let the music open up.
I have JBL Studio 230 speakers with a single rear port in each.
I have a problem with Low freq. blooms or resonance; especially on one side of the room.
The walls: painted drywall (sheetrock).
Floor: ceramic tile.
Even with the JBL's six feet from the wall;
I still have the same issue.
It seems like it's just coming from the wall and corner behind the A/V equipment.

I would purchase room treatment or devices if I knew they would work.
If I build my own; it wouldn't be a bad loss if they do not work.

Any input would be greatly appreciated
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I suggest you engage the services of a professional acoustician.  The reason is, this is the sort of endeavor where knowledge and expertise will make far more of a difference than how much money you can throw at the problem.  I have largely stopped giving out armchair-quarterbacking advice on room acoustic treatments after having heard the kind of results a professional can get.  

Jeff Hedback of Hedback Designed Acoustics comes to mind.  Jeff is an award-winning studio designer who is still affordable.  He can tell you how to DIY your own solutions to save money; most of his studio clients are on a budget too.



I use curtains and pillows. Probably terrible advice but I like the way my system sounds and my wife is happy.
Years ago I made a set of tube and bass traps for a friend. I purchased a book in the early 90’s which I believe is The Masters Handbook of Acoustics. I don’t remember the cover but pretty sure this is the book. Great book which showed how to build traps and many other projects as well. 


Here’s a site I found in minutes that is pretty close to what I built that worked great and didn’t have a lot in them.  Real easy project.


Thank you for all the input!

It will help me research this problem and also make a decision on what to do next.
If you can move your listening chair, try different listening distance positions along the center line between the speakers.
Check out ATS acoustics, Piper City illinois. Have a web site. Sell material for making your own panels. Good people to work with. I am not affiliated, just a happy customer. 
Foam mattress toppers put in 2x2 wood frame covered with fiberfill and fabric to make look nice or just pin topper to wall.