Hello Old Friend

Tonight I came across an album I hadn't heard in more than twenty years. I was browsing and caught it -thankfully!

Back in college I was heavily into synthesized music and one of the albums I played alot was Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygene. Wow, does this take me back hearing it! It's such a fantastic experience hearing it on a big rig world's better than so many years ago. It's a powerful emotional experience to relive the joy of the old days and the music.

I'm sure this album won't be for most, but one thing I have found through the years is that synthesized music can be as exquisite as any when heard on a good system. Even though the notes are electronic, they convey character and the better the rig, the more involving and gratifying.

Have you run into any Old Friends lately?
Listened to Beck Bogert and Appice last night. I haven't heard it in years.
Beck Bogert and Appice, heard it first at the Indianapolis downrown library when they had albums you could listen to in private listening rooms with a turntable.
BBA is the absolute worst piece of dreck Jeff ever put out. It's a throw-away record. I know arguing "taste" is unfair but, really, you find this to be an "old friend"?

How about...Kinks "Muswell Hillbillies"?
I love to pick up a mint or sealed copy of something I loved in my youth. Just brings me back to good times. Some of them include "Feel the Need" (Detroit Emeralds), "JT" (James Taylor)and "Funky Broadway" (Dyke and the Blazers). I just picked up a copy of "Forget Me Nots" by Patrice Rushin. One of the best bass lines ever played, courtesy of Freddy Washington. I'm smiling just writing about it.
"Muswell Hillbillies", I think not !!!! What a piece of crap. See, two can play that game. No harm, no foul. BTW, I like the Kinks very much.
Funny you should say that Doug, I haven't heard that album myself since back in the day and I loved it then. Your post here makes me think I should track that one down on CD if it exists. I think that would surely take me back too!

Regards. John
Yeah, this is not a music critic thread; glad to see you guys worked it out. :)

John, I still have cassettes in the garage with some good stuff on them. I have a deck out there and sometimes when I work at the bench or play basketball with the boys I put on a tape. I think I'll glance at the titles and glean another name or two...

Tpreaves, yeah, I just a week ago picked up Beck's "Guitar Shop," which I used to play alot. Nice trip down memory lane. These old favorites sound incredible on a good rig. We had no clue how good this music was back when we first heard it, unless seeing the artist live. :)

Another name comes back to me in the synthestized genre; Isao Tomita's "Snowflakes Are Dancing," which was more like watercolor pictures for the ear, I suppose.

I go back and listen now to synthesized stuff from ELP, Steve Miller Band, Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein," etc. and with a far better rig than when I first enjoyed them my appreciation of the musicianship soars. These peices were not just novelties, but really good musicianship. They sound far better now than they did back then. :)

No reason not to love synthesized music as an audiophile. :)
Bought a Young Rascals greatest hits CD recently. Some of the songs were very good but the sound quality was absolutely dreadful, almost unlistenable.
Yes, Nightfly by Donald Fagen, my original first pressing. What sonics, music, lyrics and production!