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Telefunken Black Diamond E88CC / 6922
Roxy, the thread states "anybody tried these new tubes ?" I will buy some and try them. 
Telefunken Black Diamond E88CC / 6922
Well whatever they are I will be buying some. 
Clementine Media player
It runs on Linux, good for those old lappys or whatever layin around. 
Power cord connectors
Can you hear a difference between your various Cardas Golden power cords with different connectors? I have not tried that yet as I am just getting the them. I just bought a Tara Labs RSC Air and probably will have the Wattgate Basic on it, so no d... 
Power cord connectors
Ok I bought a Pangea Audio - AC14 from someone that listed a bunch, I'll see what happens. For $30 why not ?? 
Power supply caps
Ebay is where I got mine, I just needed replacements though. Hard to find somewhere to buy a few, they wanna sell you 1000 pcs. 
Power cord connectors
I have heard of Pangea and are on the same $$$ platform + / - as the Monster Cable Powerline 200 that I have. The Monster Cable choked the life out of my preamp on a major scale although it seemed to work pretty good when I had SS. 
Power supply caps
Not all caps are equal in size either so do your homework and make sure they will fit. 
Reverse polarity
What happened was my amp came back from upgrading/repair and 1 of the up grades was new Cardas post and I got them backwards cos they are not marked for multiple taps so I looked at a few pics on the net and found out they were reversed. 
Just bought mine today 
I don't know about new stuff, I have just learned about the recent release and have not yet bought it. Article about new release 
"When Records Ruled The World"...BBC Documentary
Rate my rig
A few people on here have the intellect of a small child and I can tell who they are. To respond to the comments they make will just incite more silly nonsense from them because Audiogon and the forums are their life and family. I pity the fools. 
DAC volume control?
If you have onboard audio disable it ?? 
Will my biamping dreams come true ??
And I also picked up a BAT VK-5 preamp to go with the VK-60 amp.