Going to NYC from the outback of Oregon. Again...

I will be in NY City for 4 days over Christmas.
Are there any good places to buy vinyl? Preferences are Jazz, Bluegrass, Rock and Soul.
Any good audio stores?
Is the Audio Connection still around?
All recommendations appreciated.

Quite a few good places in  Greenwich Village:

Rebel Records (319 Bleecker)

Generation Records (210 Thompson)

Bleeker Street Records (188 W 4th)

Record Runner (5 Jones)

Village Music (197 Bleecker)

Disk-O-Rama (44 W. 8th) mostly CD's

Rebel Records was a mess but the guy there will find it for you if you ask for something specific.

Record Runner mostly records.

Most stores don't have things labeled very well, mostly by alphabet.

I love NYC!

Audio Stores:

Stereo Exchange moved uptown to 857 Broadway a couple years ago near Union Square. By appointment only. Great place.

There's another place on 58th that I can't remember the name, they're also by appointment.

~Tom in Sacramento.

I lived in New York from 1981 until the end of 2016. My last foray, apart from the FMU show, which is fantastic, was a trip to Brooklyn, which I wrote about here: [url]https://thevinylpress.com/road-trip-brooklyn-record-shopping/[/url] 
Have fun. 

Thank You for posting your trip to Brooklyn. No doubt, that this is the place for record shopping.  Happy Listening!

keep us posted during or after your trip as to the places shopped, visited, on your Record expedition.  Have Fun!

Happy Listening!
Johnny R is still at Audio Connection.  If you plan of stopping by, I can meet up with you there with some other Audiogon members in the area.  Shoot me a message.

There are a number of excellent audio stores in NYC:

Innovative Audio
Stereo Exchange
Lyric Hifi
Sound By Singer
Rhapsody Audio
High Water Sound
In Living Stereo
Park Avenue Stereo
Audio Arts

This list is off the top of my head and may not be inclusive.
All have websites so check out the brands each sells and go from there. I have purchased from all but the last 3 but the entire list is comprised of reputable dealers.
In NJ--it’s Audio Connection--will take 40 minutes to get there by car from midtown. 
I'd be delighted to give you some restaurant recommendations as well if you want to PM me. Food is something that NYC used to be very well known for, less unique now that the foodie revolution has spread, and there are many great restaurants everywhere. But, there are still some good places, not necessary tres cher, if you are an adventurous eater. 
I don't want to dampen your spirits, but just so you are aware, NYC audio shops are generally not very open to tire kickers.  "Oh, I'm from out of town and I just want to hang out and listen for a few hours" doesn't fly very well in general.  NYC can be a great city, but I'm just letting you know up front. Other than that, there are some very nice things to do here.  If you can make a concert in Carnegie Hall, you will hear some of the best sound you ever heard, even from the cheapest seats.  OTOH, Geffen Hall in Lincoln Center absolutely sucks.  Dead and dry, IMO.  
Enjoy yourself. 
Good advice, indeed. 
My main focus is looking for LPs. 
But, Carnegie Hall is a great idea. 
Any advice for live music and good acoustics is certainly welcome. 
Thanks all. 
Whart (and fellow audiophiles),
Thank you for your delightful report on record stores in NY. Particularly Brooklyn, NY. I will be visiting my son in Brooklyn and we will have a good time checking these places out.
 Fellas, see Bill's (What)  link above. He provides a description of stores and includes the address.
 Wishing everybody a Happy Christmas !
ILS no longer sells vinyl. Definitely some great food in NY. Gramercy Tavern Bar area is very good. For pizza, I like Motorino. For Jazz LP's, try the Jazz record center.