Free SPL Meter App - From a US Government Agency

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

This free app, used to measure sound pressure levels, AKA loudness, can also tell you when you have received a "dose" of sounds that could be harmful.

Happy listening!


For Android, pick up AudioTools (free) with a calibrated microphone for $22
Great way to set up your HT as well as do basic measurements.


Let’s see....
give govt agency app
access to your iPhone microphone.....

what could go wrong ?

+ 1 for Audiotools, I use the RTA all the time
+2 tomic601, let's all go buy eavesdropping devices and scatter them around our home too while we're at it!!

No thanks.
Let me see if I understand this -- you're worried about the government listening to you over the SPL app?  You should be much more worried about the private corporations that are keeping tabs on your internet browsing, where you drive, who you're friends with, where you shop, what shows you watch, what you eat and drink, where you get your news and where you travel.  The government is providing you with a tool to protect your hearing, while the corporations are trying to make money.  Can you not discern which one is the more dangerous?
 @onhwy61 absolutely I can discern that....check your phone and review the permissions you give all those corporate apps...
I do....
dumped FB in 2019 for good reasons.
but you make an excellent point. The same government trying to save my hearing put corporate lobbyists in charge at EPA and Interior..dumping coal tailings into streams...
I think with great hearing at 57, I will stick with defending myself.

I own 2 RTA, 3 calibrated mics and 2 stamdalone SPl meters

your milage may vary kind sir
but seriously, few audiophiles on the Gon have any clue how loud they listen...most flunked the Roger Modjeski homework assignment to measure SPL....

also, most cell phones and ipads read 6-10 db low frequencies 

and while i am alert and awake, i am also able to discern the irony that one app i have on my phone allows me to capture the spl of low flying aircraft in violation of FAA rules, automatically log it and send the complaint.....thousands of people across USA use it...

the FAA aka New Skies, gives not one &$#@,,,, Phoenix was successful in suing them......perhaps we shall prevail also....