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DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
I’m using the Weiss with a CH amplifier and Rockport speakers, no preamp as I'm running the Weiss direct.  I had a Levinson preamp in the middle and it was very good but I am very pleased with the sound I'm getting after removing it. I would not ... 
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
Just stopping by to echo the comments by Verdantaudio regarding the Weiss Helios. It’s stunningly good and will not be leaving my system.  Now what to do with the QB-9 Twenty it replaced... :)  
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
Aerial Acoustics and Sonus Faber both make highly listenable speakers in my experience  
Know any high-quality 12 VDC audio systems?
I use their DSP/amps and they are outstanding.  Brax is their higher end line.  Tons of options to consider, send me a pm and I can help with more options to consider.  
Know any high-quality 12 VDC audio systems?    
Help with speaker selection
Thanks for all the great responses!  Rockport is another speaker I've always been impressed with - anyone know of any for sale?  
Help with speaker selection
If any of you are around NC and willing to let me audition some of your speakers mentioned please let me know.  My local dealer doesn't carry most of the speakers you all have mentioned.  I'm happy to bring a bottle of wine to compensate you!  :)  
Help with speaker selection
I really need to find some Salon 2's to listen to.  I have read so many good things about them that it's hard to scratch them off the list without actual time with a pair. I will likely be buying used - but not necessarily depending on dealer, et... 
Help with speaker selection
Wow, thank you for the outstanding reply!  It seems my three options cover the range from pinpoint/analytic to warm and romantic.  That's helpful since I've never heard the Revels and it's been a long time since I heard the Aerials. The space is ... 
Router for Audio Streaming
Another TP-link mesh user and happy with it.  
Budget DAC recommendation for Office system
I'll second the MyDac.  I will likely be putting mine up for sale soon as I no longer have an office system so it's just resting in a box.  It's a great unit and a fabulous bargain IMO.    
Ayre KX-5 preamp with V-3 amp
I will echo the recommendation to upgrade your QB-9 to Twenty status.  I had mine done over a year ago and it's a significant upgrade.  I feed mine with a Lumin source and also have JC1 amps in the chain.  It all works extremely well together. 
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
I really enjoy high end car audio and am able to get very good imaging/performance with my DSP by fine tuning the speaker delays and freq responses.  I've spent quite a bit of time tuning it, but it's something that is a lot of fun. 
Are Pre-Amps necessary?
In my experience, yes they are needed to get the best out of your music. 
Class A into Class AB
My Parasound JC1's have a high bias mode which provides 25W of Class-A before switching to A/B, vs 10W in low bias mode.  It's clearly an audible improvement which I use when doing serious listening.  Not marketing fluff in my experience with the ...