Ethernet Bridge For Streaming

I am finally taking my first step into streaming. I am considering the Innous Zen mini Mk 3 Server that requires a wired Ethernet connection. My router is on the other side of the house and I cannot run a cable to my system because my house is on a slab foundation. Running the cable through the attic and down the inside of a wall is not feasible.  

My question, will using a bridge like this work:
If yes, can you please recommend other similar devices that you are using that might be more effective. 
I am not that well versed in the digital world.
Hello ericsch!

Yes.  A powerline ethernet adapter is a very workable solution.
It's just the solution that I've employed to get wired ethernet from my router on the lower level of a split level to my living room.
I happen to use Netgear powerline ethernet adapters,
and very much like the downloadable Netgear Genie software which allows you to monitor the through put in Mbps (megabytes per second).

Do be aware that not all electrical outlets in a given household will provide the same throughput.  It can be variable.  The key is that one of the outlets convenient to which you wish to install your rig has provides sufficient bandwidth for the task.

I used a similar setup for ethernet for a while, but I've since adopted the Google MESH system.  Router is upstairs.  Roon core runs downstairs on Mac Mini with Ethernet to a microRendu and USB to Ayre Codex DAC.  Roon bridge runs upstairs on an iMac with Ethernet to an Ayre QX-5 Twenty digital hub.  The sound is superb, especially with Qobuz files.

I used a Netgear product to move my Bluesound Node to a wireless 5ghz band. I forget what model it is..
It works like a charm. No drop outs.
can you please recommend other similar devices that you are using that might be more effective.

I believe you edited out 'cost' from the original post (?)...

If you are looking for cost effective, there are many solutions, including the one you linked.

"Sound effective"... another story.
Thanks for the suggestions so far.

@david_ten I would consider up to $200 for a good solid internet connection.
@ericsch   It's important to isolate the 'dirtier' side from the 'cleaner' (audio) side. 

@dbphd  's recommendation follows this approach and falls within your budget.

I would avoid POE out of a wall outlet direct into your audio component.
ericsch I use the zyxel  powerline HD that works on the same principle as the unit that you are looking at but there are 2 units in each box which will save you a little money as the pair go for $69 from the same vendor you are considering your purchase from. 
I have heard rumors that these units can put unwanted noise into your system but mine are dead quiet.
OK, I did some quick reading regarding Google Mesh. The description sems to emphasize use for Wi-Fi, but it looks like it can also be used with a wired connection. Is that correct?
I am on my phone right now, I will do more research at home.
Do not ever use a Poe device at all in a high end system as you are injecting noise directly into your system.

We are a top Innous dealer we use NETGEAR - AC750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender  $50 Best Buy.

These devices work great.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Another vote for Google Mesh. You need two of these, first Mesh will be hard wired to your router and second Mesh hard wired to Innous Server. The Mesh app is superb, one feature I really like is, you can prioritize the device for maximum bandwidth. 
Please stay away from any power line based range extenders, you will be introducing unnecessary noise in your audio system. 

That's correct.  The MESH is a WiFi device that can deliver hardwire Ethernet to an endpoint.