Does anyone answer e-mail? Hello?

I'm new to AudiogoN, having signed on to facilitate purchasing some equipment to round out a couple of my systems, as well as partake of all the experience others have. Out of the last 13 e-mails I have sent to sellers inquiring about their components for sale, exactly TWO have responded. Is this the norm for this board? If so, I'm better off on e-bay. I'm very disappointed to find that noone seems very interested in selling the equipment they list. Has this been anyone else's experience, or am I missing something here?
I have been on Audiogon at least a few years and I guess I have been lucky. I would say 90% of my emails are answered the same day by friendly knowledgeable Audiogoners. Good luck!
You'll find both in here: those who answer right away and those who don't in ages, if at all!
As regards of sellers not answering I found that some just post as a test, to see if and for what price there would be interest out there.
In short: it's like in real life. At least you can find some very nice people in here no matter if you buy, sell or just have questions.
E-bay is something completely different and the high end section there is marginal.
I have posted quite a few ads on this site and a couple of times when checking on "my page" I noticed that members have emailed me about a particular item but I never did receive the emails. Seems unlikely that this would account for the lack of response in your case but it can happen from time to time.

This is a tough time of year to do a deal in the audio biz. Some sellers are industry participants that could be working for manufacturers, distributors, or dealers. They could've be out on vacation around Christmas and New Years and out to Vegas for the big CES show. Also, while I haven't had any non-responses to ad correspondence on Audiogon, I'm sure they must occur from time to time, and you may just have had a bad statistical run. Finally, it may be that some sellers don't notify Audiogon promptly when their offering is sold or a sale is pending. Of course, they should let you know if the product is spoken for, but they would not be motivated to respond as much as if there were still a deal to be made.
Vdub, give us another chance, I always answer my emails and I must say I have had better luck than 2 out of 13. Keep trying.
I have received email for around 95% of my Audiogon inquiries for over 3 years, so something isn't right in your situation, or it's just a fluke. Vdub, some of the classiest people interested in A/V are members here, as you will see in time. Welcome. Martin
Welcome, I'm certain you'll find A'gon far more civilized than Ebay. I'm wondering, and please don't take offense...when you emailed the folks selling stuff here, was it to buy at the asking price or was it a low ball offer? Many will not respond to low-ball offers (I do, politely). One other word of advice, if you know what you want and what you're willing to pay post a wanted ad. ATB, Jeff
I have been using the A-gon site for a little over a year and although not 100%, most of my emails get answered. I also take the time to answer all emails & have started some ongoing conversations as a result.

My experiences on ebay in the past 2 1/2 years have ranged from being totally ignored to dealing with people who don't have a clue as to how a transaction is carried out. Of course I've had some great dealings but you never know what you're going to run across, either here or there.

If you stick around here for awhile you'll pick up some very good information as well as some great bargains on mostly well maintained gear. You will find most of the people are here for the same reason-a passion for audio. This includes dealers also. Do use some caution when making deals-but that is another topic. You can read through the Forum archives to find some related info.

Good luck!
Sometimes, I won't bother answering if the e-mail is just from a "tire kicker" [low baller...usually asking for 30%-40% off my asking price...and THEN asking me to pick up shipping AND COD charges!!! Usually, this is on a relatively inexpensive item ($200 to $500 where my asking price is already 50% off list!!!] Usually, the magic words, "I'm very interested in your..." are missing. Instead the e-mail is very short, like "Would you take $500 for your 2 meter Nordost Quattro-fil including shipping?" NOBODY wants to pay asking or even firm price, but hey, let's be realistic about trying to get a discount! I'm not implying that this refers to you; this is just a sore spot with me. Also, Jameswei makes a valid point about the holiday/C.E.S. show season making e-mails slow or lost. Don't be discouraged. I became a member about 6 months ago. My first two attempts at selling involved dealing with two "nut cases" and I almost gave up on Agon. Since then, I've had some minor frustrations, but all in all, this is a pretty comfortable home for us audio addicts! Happy Tunes!
Vdub- welcome aboard. I would say your success rate is way too low to be chance. I get a response to at least 75% of my offers, but it is true that lowball offers are often not answered. However, to give you an example, I saw a pair of cables I wanted to try this am, made an offer, it was accepted and I sent off a money order before noon. Now that's not standard, but its not totally outside my experience here either, over the last 3 years. E-bay is a real mixed bag; some fine transactions, but lots of folks are just trolling for a "bigger fool" who unwittingly pays WAY TOO MUCH for an item (have seen used speakers with some described damage selling for 75% of list!!!). hang in there buddy.
Vdub-First of all cool name(I am a fellow dubber;). I would say close to 95% of my emails get returned from audiogon, though I have sold some things and low ballers are just plain annoying-sure everyone wants a good deal, but I got 14 emails in 3 hours and 12 of them where as stated above asking for it dirt cheap with shipping included.

Fatparrot-Hey thats a low blow, Tire Kickers? come no now have a heart! I'll feed my parrot some crackers soaked in anti-freeze! j/k.
Take the time and have the courtesy to answer all.
Dont ignore what you percieve as a low ball.
Answer them back with what it will take.
If you dont want lowball offers list your price as firm and state it.
You never offer what someone is asking.If you do you have more money than sense.
Get off your high horse's.
I must admit that with two exceptions everyone I have e-mailed has responded. As long as we treat each other with respect everything goes OK.

Natalie-Perhaps your time isn't valuable to you, but some of us have better things to do then humor low ballers. I always put firm on ads and what I ask for is what I will take, no less-and I still get many lowballers. Frankly my time(and I am sure I am not the only one here) is too valuable to offer these clowns more then 2 key-strokes to delete there message. Staying on "high-horse" ;)
You cant read can you tireguy.
I said if you dont want low ballers put firm.You do, I agree with you.If you put frim in your add dont reply if you dont and list OBO then you owe any offer a reply.