Anyone compared McCormack MAP-1 with C-J MET-1?

Interested to know about any differences or improvements in sonics.
MET-1 is richer, more authoritative, with dynamics and bass energy that really make the MAP-1 seem pale by comparison. Having said that, I still consider the MAP-1 to be one of the best bargains in audio, and one of my favorite memories among the pieces I've owned. The MET-1, like other cj preamps, is much higher gain than the Mccormack, but not so much that it should cause any problems. It's noisier than the MAP-1, with a mild tube rush, as you'd expect from a tubed piece, but I consider that a small price for the major sonic improvement. I've enjoyed mine for over a year now, and I put it in the category of "component I'd most like to be marooned with."