Dave Alvin/From An Old Guitar

I saw this album as it was being released so I preordered it from Elusive Disc and am so glad I did. It had been awhile since I had thought about the old garage band the Blasters which I stumbled into back in the 80s after hearing their cover of Little Willie Johns song, I am Shakin, which was also covered by Tom Jones and later by Jack white as well as others, just a great song. I have probably an 80 album rotation which changes from month to month by probably 10 to 12 albums as new ones come in from new purchases or culled from my 1500 album collection others get squeezed out but this album has been in every one of my 4 to 8 album listening sessions since purchasing it 3 months ago, just can't get enough. If you haven't heard it, please sample it somewhere as Dave Alvin seems to be in a really great place when he put this together. Enjoy the music
Dave Alvin is a treasure who has released a trove of excellent albums, both solo and collaborations.
I own most of his output but this title didn't strike me in a positive way???
@onhwy61 , found my self going through my closet looking for the 2 Blaster albums I own after the purchase and have enjoyed the two most recent projects with his brother after their reconciliation as well. Enjoy the music
That one stayed in the rotation for a good long while, and will be played often in the future.

If you haven’t heard Dave’s "Eleven Eleven" I think you’ll like that one too.  It's got a pretty funny song with brother Phil on it.
I hope you all own the Sophia Pfister "Birdcage", produced and played, Dave Alvin.