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Are You Happy With Your Phono Preamp?
I'm using an Allnic H8000. All I can say is holy cow!  
What cable companies make the best cables and sell them directly?
Jena Labs  
Suggestions for sturdy sub $2,000 audio rack
Massive rack by Odyssey Audio. I just got a 4 shelf rack. This thing is sturdy and heavy. Beautiful walnut veneer shelves.  
Devore or Audio Note or other sensitive speakers: wanting to listen in Denver
Take a ride down to Santa Fe. There is a local speaker builder here. Viking Acoustics. David makes high efficiency speakers. My Tube Master's are 98db. They work great with my Allnic 300b amps. I've also had a pair of his Berlin's. Check out his w... 
Looking for a cable maker
Jena labs 
What are the current useless terms in this "audio world"
Is there a Solid State amp that can satisfy a SET guy?
Symphonic line kraft 
Favorite cable brand.
Jena labs 
Viking Acoustic L'Instrument Grande Voix First Impressions
I know this is an old thread but I just got a pair of TubeMasters. I had a pair of Berlin's before that. I was plenty happy with the Berlin's but David had a pair of TubeMasters he really wanted me to hear. I turned him down a couple of times then... 
Dave Alvin/From An Old Guitar
+1 on Eleven Eleven 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
Tina and Carlo from Integrity HiFi 
Best of Germany!
Symphonic Line Kraft 
Integrityhifi TRU-GLIDER Pendulum Tonearm
Sorry for not proofreading. The boo doesn't belong. 
Integrityhifi TRU-GLIDER Pendulum Tonearm
I have one on my vpi hw40 and love it. I did have some difficulty on initial set up but that was me not the arm. Once set up it works flawless. It takes some getting used to as far as cueing the lead in groove. The first track I played was Johnny ... 
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
Viking acoustics in Santa Fe