Canary Audio Tube amps

Does anyone out in Audiogon land have any experience with Canary Audio Tube amps and pre-amps?  I would love to hear your opinions?  I am considering them for horn speaker.
I have reviewed professionally severe Canary pieces in the past, including their tube based amplifiers.  Great build quality, reference level performance, and very reasonably priced compared to other companies.

Their SET 300B mono-blocks would be a great match for horn based speakers.
I had a pair of Canary CA-160 tube monoblocks several years ago. They sounded really good with my not so tube friendly Piega P10 speakers.

One day an output transformer blew. Canary wanted almost as much to repair as the amps were worth. They could offer no explanation as to what happened or instill any confidence to me that it wouldn't happen again. I sold them the amps for about 1/3 of their worth instead of repairing the bad one. It's unfortunate because I was very happy with the their performance.


I have a few amps but I got a deal on a Canary Audio M90 and I am very impressed with it . The build and sound quality are top shelf. I currently have the following amps besides the M90 in my system and the Canary more than holds it own: Odyssey Audio Kismet Reference Monos, First Watt Sit 3 and Cary Audio 211 AE.Talk to Larry Diaz at the High End Palace he is great to deal with and is first class all the way.
I run a pair of Legacy Audio Whispers with a Cary SLP 98P Pre and a pair of Canary M 350 Mono's. Amps are excellent. 

A pair of ca 160 mono blocks  and a ca 801 l and ca801p. They will drive just about any speaker. They have the rich tube beauty. The preamp  is one of the best I have ever listened  to. You will enjoy your time with your canary. Remember  though you will likely  marry  your canary pieces  not one really understands  how good they are. Pieces I have looked at for five years are still on ebay. If you buy canary buy the best you can afford because  you will own them for along time. Used and new old stock pieces  are at huge discounts  over msrp. 

I have a pair of CA-160 monoblock amps that have been modded and are just sitting on the floor in my stereo man cave.  They are very powerful, sound refined and are just very nice amps.