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Does Your Linn Sondek Lp12 Motor and Pulley Get Very Warm After Extended Use?
Mine doesn't. Do you have enough oil in the bearing?  
Canary Audio Preamps Any Good?
If they are any bit as good as their amps, you can't go wrong. I have the M 350 Mono blocks hooked to  a Cary slp 98 p and the combo is excellent.   
The most criminal practice in the speaker industry revealed!! Keep reading
There will never be a cure for K.D.S. Now that we know our hearing and speakers are N.F.G. I wonder how many of us will look for a roof to jump off of or go out and buy a fantastic pair of 30 dollar speakers. I've already taken a sledge hammer to ... 
Charging A Fee To Demo An Amplifier In A Brick & Mortar Store
No Way. I'd pay more to someone else first just to keep the money out of their pockets. I don't buy homes or cars like that and won't pay for someone to do their jobs. They also miss out on future purchases. I know it's not my name on their licens... 
Favorite song to demo or test drive speakers?
Black Oak Arkansas,  Race With The Devil. 
What's the deal with Canary and why have these amps been FS for so long?
I've owned lots of amps ss and tube. I have the Canary M350's with 300b and 6sn7 tubes. You can't go wrong with these mono blocks. Running a pair of Legacy Whispers (without the built in amps. Also ran Wilson Witt series II, and Lipinski L707''s. ... 
McIntosh 275 power amplifier with Cary 98SLP preamp
Get new hexfreds and Cardas caps put in the Mark I. The pre has enough gain in it so you don't really need the mark II. The 275 runs cool but doesn't have as much tube like sound.  
McIntosh 275 power amplifier with Cary 98SLP preamp
Get good matching tubes for the pre. I've used a McIntosh 7270, Cary V12R Cary CAD 120s thru my 98 P pre. The V12 R sounded good but ran hot as hell. The CAD 120s sounded better and ran cooler. I'm running Canary M350 monoblocks and they work the ... 
Matching tubes
Thanks to all. I'm using electro harmonics gold 300b. 4 in each amp along with 2 6sn7's. I'll replace 1 300b for now get a matched quad of 6sn7's and an octet of matched 300b's for back up. I just wasn't sure if the preamp or amp was the most impo... 
I was wondering if anyone had any work done there. I'll give him a call later. Thanks.  
Canary Audio Tube amps
I run a pair of Legacy Audio Whispers with a Cary SLP 98P Pre and a pair of Canary M 350 Mono's. Amps are excellent.  
Weird Polk Audio Society
Make him a huge offer then tell him to call you. Sorry I already bought them on agon.  
What are the advantages to a Class A amp & what are the trade offs?
check your in box.  
Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
Blues? Tubes? Get all the Johnny Winter music you can get your hands on. Best of luck.  
Legacy audio Focus se and tubes
I ran A Cary SLP 98P pre with a Cary CAD 120' s driving Whispers and not a problem. Now I'm using 50 watt Canary M350 Mono blocks and again, not a problem. More than enough power. Plenty of bass. 26x12.5x8 room.