Bricasti M3 vrs Meitner MA3

Narrowing it down as we speak.  Listen t R&R only, around mid 80's low 90's db.  Stream qobuz via a Windows 10 based computer, (very satisfied) and Cd's. Have some nice equipment, to compliment the title pieces. Last minute post before dinner. If I've left anything out, I'm sorry. Hungry!  Have a Meitner MA1 -V2 DAC in another system, and LOVE IT!!!  This new piece for another system,  Probably be my last DAC, getting older!!!!!! For the difference in the Money, of course the Meitner is more expensive.  Does anyone have a suggestion or experience with both units????  I may add a streamer in the future, unknown at this time.  Any help would be much appreciated. If anyone has another Dac in that price area that they have experience with, that likes Rock and Roll, please don't hesitate.  Thanks,  Robert TN


I think both units are world-class. The Meitner MA3 I believe is $10,500 with streamer while the Bricasti M3 is $7000 with streamer. I've owned the Bricasti and couldn't be happier myself. It's clean, detailed and never etched sounding but has all the body and you can listen all evening and forget about gear and just enjoy the music. 

rsf507//// Thanks for the taking the time to respond so quickly. Much appreciated. Just reading the owners manual for both and trying to understand operating principals. Ill be using it as JUST a Dac. Would like to save some money, so I'm leaning towards the Bricasti. Thanks again. Robert

I may add a streamer in the future, unknown at this time.

By all means add a good streamer — the improvement over using a noisy computer is substantial and immediately apparent.  Best of luck with the DAC choice.

I owned the M3 and own the MA3.   I think the M3 is a fine DAC but much prefer the MA3.   I didn't own them at the same time, but will say I find the MA3 to have a much more organic/analog sound but still with a good level of detail and zero fatigue.   I remember the M3 as having good detail retrieval and excellent dynamics, and not fatiguing or analytical, but I personally found it slightly on the 'thin' or 'digital' side.   I just couldn't get into the music much more than I did when I tried also a very fine sounding but MUCH cheaper RME DAC.    I replaced the M3 with a Mojo Audio R2R and as a reference point that was much more the sound I was looking for.

I think the M3 had a more modern sound (i.e. better detail retrieval and blacker background) than the Mojo but I happily gave that up for the sound the Mojo provided.

Then I heard the MA3 and think it is a great blend of the strengths of the other two.  It reminds me of my Mojo's very musical sound but with another level of detail retrieval and soundstage, without adding ANY hardness, leanness, or fatigue.





I owned the M3 and recently demoed the MA3. The MA3 is a touch more delicate, refined and organic. But the M3 may have a touch more drive to the music. 

The built-in streamer inside Meitner MA3 is actually quite good. Unless you're going for high-dollar streamers (think > $10K), you would be hard pressed to find an improvement. I recently bought an MA3 and took it to a friend's house who has also recently purchased Aurender N200. We didn't notice any difference in SQ using MA3 by itself or hooking up to Aurender. I sold both my streamers -- Aavik S-280 (one of the best I've owned thus far), and Innuos Zenith MK3. I plan to use MA3's streamer until I'm able to afford more expensive streamers (> $10K retail).

In my system, the MA3 is fantastic! Very balanced, natural, zero digititus, and a truly three-dimensional soundstage. The focus here is on creating a natural sound vs. hyper-realism. 

“The focus here is on creating a natural sound vs. hyper-realism.” @arafiq +1

@robshaw it rakes a while to fully appreciate the sonic virtues of the MA3 over lesser DACs, but you will. Plus the MA3 needs 300 hours to fully “come into voice”. Give it time before you choose.

I’ve owned both DACs as well and preferred the Meitner in my system.

A kinder gentler system could benefit from the Bricasti while an edgier or brighter system might go better with the Meitner.

As always YMMV.

I have a M3 and a retailer who sells both says it’s basically a toss up considering the rest of the system. 
The MA3 can play attached local files where the Bricasti can’t so that could eliminate the need for a Nas or server. That might be a big deal to some peeps. 

Benzman, thank you very much for the info. I had updated my first post, which included the Bricasti m3 vrs Meitner MA-3.  Now considering The MA-3 Meitner vrs the Bricasti M1 SE version, which comes with the remote and the Streamer. Can't decide, the Bricasti is 1K more????? Robert

Are you running a preamp or integrated? No need for a remote if you are using a pre. If you are running straight to your amps than you will want a remote

I have always ran with a pre. I took the Bricasti M3 to my buds last week and ran it directly to a pair of Jeff Rowland Monos using the XLR outs. I don’t have a remote so getting up to adjust volume sucked but it sounded damn good direct. 
If if was me I would buy a used M3 3,500-4,000 depending on remote. They are always available. 
I am running an EtherRegen and just added an LHY OCK 2 clock and it took it up a couple of levels. 

Do not over look the upgrade path offered and demonstrated but Bricasti along with resale market. Great build quality, great company to work with and shows up in many reviews.  I started with an M3 and then upgraded to an M1SE and now own an M1 series II.  End game DAC for me.  Great streamer available as well.  I use their streamer card in my M1 and could not be happier!! 

Agreed!  Nearly 11 years ago I purchased a Bricasti M1 and i've had it upgraded whenever an update was offered.  It is currently the latest M1 Series II and I too couldn't be happier.  The build quality, company, ethernet input, and sound quality are all superb.

Thank you all so much for helping me along the journey. After speaking with Damon, sales mgr. of Bricasti for an hour yesterday, (nice guy to deal with) I pulled the trigger on a M1SE model. Looking forward to its arrival. As i currently stream from my windows based (USB) computer, and happy (Don't know any better). This unit now gives me the opportunity  to stream via some service. Everyone has told me how superior streaming is vs USB to computer. As I was told, a simple I pad would be convenient, ethernet hook up to DAC and Computer  and picking a service to link all together , which I had trouble digesting. A lot to understand at one time. Usually just turn things on and listen to R&R and sit back. Would like to try something very EASY!!! and simple to get started, as now iI have a built in streamer, which everyone including Bricasti says is VERY Good. Any help would be great. Don't think I want to get involved with ROON just now. EASY, tipping the toe in the water. Thanks all again for your help. Robert

Congrats on the Bricasti. Mconnect works well and sounds to me as good as Roon 

Great company to deal with as they pick up the phone.  
Spend  a few bucks on a medium rated power chord. Audience Au24Se MP works well with the Bricasti. 

Good luck!! 

congrats.  I run Roon because have a few different endpoints in my house a couple of sonus system.  I think you will really enjoy the Bricasti.  Keep us posted.

Congratulations. Bricasti DACs have a good build quality. I used an iMac with Audirvana connect via ethernet when I first bought an M3. The sonic transporter sounds way better, either with upnp or roon. YMMV, but so long as we are spending your money...  Good luck. 

I'm looking forward to receiving the Bricasti unit. I will most likely hook it up via USB to my windows laptop to begin with. Would like to put  a few hours on it to compare it with the Meitner, it is going to replace. (love the Meitner, going into house in another system) Once I get a comparison I may explore the streamer in the Bricasti unit? Trying to get a feel for the change. If I have this correct, In order to stream I will hard wire an Ethernet into the bricasti port and also hard wire another into my lap top, that I have been using via USB. ( This will negate the need for USB) Someone  told me that I need to get an app or such??? So everything will talk to one another. Also, Is it possible to still use my laptop in my listening chair 15' away, hard wired via the Ethernet to choose my songs to play?  All this so new to me.  I read a couple of posts that list certain abbreviations, and was thinging back to chemistry class and the periodic tables,  LOL !!!! What does it all mean? Any help in how to do would be great. Not really interested in ROON, just want a simple way to listen from my chair using the new streamer. Thanks again, be lost without your guys help. Again thanks! Robert TN

OP you should have your dealer walk you thru all your options, that's what you are paying for! Also from what I've been told by not only my Bricasti dealer but by Bricasti themselves is that the Ethernet option is superior sonically to the USB option. Again confirm with dealer. Enjoy my M3 is just wonderful


Forget the laptop. The Bricasti sounds much better using the Ethernet connection. 
It is very simple once you get it down. Your dealer will walk you thru the process. 
Hardwire the Bricasti. On your phone/tablet download Mconnect or any other UPNP ( universal plug and play) app. Make sure they are on the same network. 
Subscribe to a music service. ( Tidal and Qobuz are very popular). When you open the app it will discover the Bricasti. You will then sign in to your music service and you will be jamming and creating playlist in no time!!  

Thanks so much for the explanation. Already subscribe to Qobuz and love it! I guess the m Connect I'll have to explore with the dealer. When all is said and done, hoping I can use the Laptop (on a table next to me) via Hard Wired Ethernet to stream qobuz?   Just spitballing as we speak. Thanks

If the laptop and Bricasti are on the same home network you should not have to hard wire the laptop to the Bricasti assuming you are hardwired to your network using the Bricasti Streamer Card.  The application on you laptop should find your Bricasti assuming your laptop is also on your network(wired or wireless).  I moved to a dedicated  music server (Small Green Computer i5)hard wired to my network running Roon streaming my own music collection as well as Qobuz.  Works great and can stream to any system in my house as well as away from my home ie cars, boat, walking what ever,

OP:  @testrun is correct, you dont' HAVE to use Ethernet on your laptop, Wifi has plenty of bandwidth unless you are in a dense neighborhood.

testrun/erik_squires::: thank you both for your advice.  Sounds like, all I have to do, as I already subscribe to Quboz, Is hardwire Bricasti (Ethernet) Then download software app from Bricasti (M Connect I believe) once they all connect, I will be good to go. Once I receive unit, just need to read operating menu, for input for streaming.   Thanks again!    Laptop to chair as I don't own a I pad and begin streaming via Ethernet. Will let you all know, Thanks for the Education!!

Are you at a place yet, Rob, where you feel comfortable offering your thoughts regarding a comparison between your Bricasti and Meitner DACs.

Have had the Bricasti m1SE for a time now. (with network card) stream Qobuz via Audirvana. Sounds Divine. As I only listen to Rock and Roll, that is all I can comment on, honestly.  I would have to give the Edge to the Bricasti vrs the Meitner DAC. It seems  more refined and open, and detailed. I wish I could be more descriptive, just don't know the proper words to use.

Keep in mind that the Bricasti is streaming qobus threw its network card and the Meitner was steaming via USB from my computer. That may be the difference. The two listening rooms I use are completely different acoustically and equipment is different. The Bricasti has a far better display screen, as the Meitner is just individual lights. The M1SE Bricasti was more expensive. Keep in mind also, that the Meitner unit I'm using is not the M3,it is the MA1 V2 model. I can't comment  as to the sound of the Meitner M3. Both units you wouldn't trade in!!!   Both companies have been great to deal with, Meitner in Canada and Bricasti USA.  I wish I could have done side by side M3 Meitner via The Bricasti M1SE????  I believe the Bricasti is lifetime warranty, and isn't a toll call.  As I just received a Brand New Special Addition Tekton Encore speaker upgraded, (they are just burning in, 20 hrs so far) another big jump up the sonic ladder. I'm sure the Bricasti and Encore will enjoy each other. Sorry, I couldn't give you more, Hope this helps some. Robert TN     Ps  Both are great products

Don’t think Bricasti M1se vs Meitner MA1 is all that relevant. Why don’t you find an MA3 or Emm Labs dac2xv2 and compare against those instead?