Biggest Baddest Audio Cables

Whether they actually sound better or not, I don't really care but I have a fetish for beautifully made, anaconda sized audio cables, especially with unusually well made connectors. Any ideas here especially where 2nd hand is a deep discount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
The cables should be a good match to the amp and speakers you are running. Without that info, it's possible to get a great cable and still have the system sound terrible. anyone who tells you that their cable is perfect for all systems is blowin' smoke.
Well the biggest I've seen were Kimber cables don't remember the model # but they looked quite similar to a Blue Indigo smake in both markings and diameter. Cost 8-10k I believe for an 8' pair. How did they sound you ask? Well I listened to them on an unfamiliar system, big Montana KAS speakers and a Cary push pull 100 watt tube amp. The Cary was most definitely the weakest link that is for sure. But I am not a big Cary fan other than their SET's which I suspect aren't the best. My 15 year old ARC was much more neutral than the Cary which was much too euphonic.
You might check into a recent post (and numerous responses!) at Cable Asylum, within Audio Asylum, regarding a pair of $25,000 speaker cables from Transparent. Slightly out of my price range (I'm a Kimber 8TC guy right now) and don't know of anyone wanting to liquidate a used pair. After all, when you've paid $25,000 for speaker cables, it's probably pretty hard to stomach the fact that they aren't the best! I wish I could say I have "cable envy", but it's pretty far beyond any audiophile expectations I know I can reasonably ever have.
Recently purchased the BMI's Whale Elite power cable. This cable is a monster! But very easy to handle. It's beautiful to look at and is the best power cable I've ever heard.
if you can find them, look at fim. they are made by winston ma, i think in oregon. they are firehose size and sound wonderful.
Dear cornfedboy, "firehose size" is exactly the metaphor I had in mind...I get giggly just thinking about them...did you say FIM? Is Winston a company? Thanks for the suggestion.
Believe it or not, Monster Cable supposedly made the most expensive speaker cables (I have no idea what they look like), at least that I've ever heard of. They listed for like over $100,000 "per installation". If you don't believe me, check out the 10/99 Audio Buyer's Guide. If you don't want to spend that much, Harmonic Technology Pro-9 are over one inch diameter (not that this is a good indicator of conductor size, it's 9 AWG per pole). I believe the Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables have the largest conductors per pole, at 5.5 AWG. I could be wrong on some of this, but THAT seems very unlikely (as usual)...
We made some speaker cables for test, the pair using four central conductors of "0" awg each side. The outside diameter of each conductor is nearly 4 inches. These were terminated with smaller "flying leads" for the connections. They weigh a ton and certainly don't lack in "finesse"..... Regards, Richard,
Avnut: FIM is "First Impressions Music", and I prefer their recordings, over the FIM power cord that I tried. My favorite is "Jazz at the Pawnshop"...but I like most every CD of theirs that I have.
Hello Carl! No - not really,the insulation helped to reduce the ability of the conductors to store any energy and act like a capacitor. But "huge" just showed us that it didn't necessarily work for best signal transfer, there is more to be gained in smaller conductors with good conductor topology. Regards, Richard.
mr. _eber: jazz @ the pawnshop is a prorprius recording. it has been reissued by mr. ma in xrcd and "super hdcd" formats but fim niether recorded nor produced the original or its progeny.
Mr Cornchoked boy, I apologize if you took what I said as implying that FIM did the recording. I already know they didn't, I just meant it is released by them, and I enjoy it. Kiss my ass, you weak old man...
mr_eber: you've ruined more than your share of threads with off-base, insulting posts. i think it's long past time for your permenant banning.
What you think doesn't count, and it is you who singled me out, and got nitpicky when you didn't need to. It is you who always ruins threads, and it is you who needs to be banned. So there...
Cwlonden: Ever thought of using prop cables (like in the movies)? Just use your regular "best" sounding cables, but surround them with something like for ex: the conduit used for heating and air conditioning systems, latex tubing, vacuum cleaner hose, well you get the idea.
My apologies London, I get antagonized easily, I'm hotheaded. You could just get what I suggested, if you want the biggest CONDUCTOR that's readily available (Cardas Golden Cross).
Without a doubt... Electraglide FatMan. It is so hugh it makes the King Cobra look thin!!
From what I read of a copper speaker cable from Stealth Audio, it was 4 gauge. Maybe even for each conductor. See it here often, on auction. Seems to never meet the reserve price, so no one gets to buy. Maybe doesn't compare with the one VantageAudio described, but the biggest I can come up with. Not sure how it sounds. Also, the $50,000 Kimber Black Pearl is a monstrosity. I picked it up, it sure is heavy(filled with lead). I do not know the awg, but a hair out of my price range, anyway.
Hi Cwlondon, I agree with Cornfedboy, FIM is big and sounds wonderful. If big cable is more important than sound then FIM would be a waste of money. I think Dekay came up with a great idea and it would not be very hard to do what he suggests.
To answer to the thread, yes the FIM cable are all huge in size. Regarding their sound, as Andy Singer, President of Sound By Singer states in FIM's latest ad, "I consider four things to be the 'four horsemen' of musicality: resolution, dynamics, harmonics, and rhythm. The FIM cables ride these better than any others".
I do not know who Andy Singer is but I could not agree with him more. Thanks Recres.
Andy Singer is the owner of New York Citys finest audio store, "Sound By Singer". He has been written up in several of the audio magazines throughout the years. The store has been in operation for many years, and primarily just handles the best products only.
How much of mr Eber garbage do we have to put up with.Should not his kiss my ass be the last straw and lead to his permanent banning from this site.
Leafs: Carl's banter has never bothered me. Your campaigning for Carl's expulsion, however... Guess it's up to (just like everything else) personal taste. I do not want to see anyone banned from the forum, including you. If your place and position at this forum is to whine about Carl in between your more interesting and relaxing posts, then so be it. But let's cut the expulsion crap. We are all just here to spend some money, share ideas, blow off a little steam and yes, taunt each other as well. We are all adults and therefore do not have to act as such if we do not feel like it.
Hey Dekay,I like that "we are all adults"line.I wonder if it will work on my daughter(11) when she tells me I listen to "kids music"(modern rock)
Who knows if they are the same person or not. In a perfect world we could all discuss our opinions without trashing each other. With our hobby, many things are system dependent, such as cables. I believe that it is okay to express our passion, as long as we conduct ourselves as gentlemen. I always have questioned the integrity of those who feel they have to be nasty to those with a differing veiwpoint. I'm sorry to deviate from the original thread. Yes, many cable manufacturers have gone to the high mass approach regarding cable design. Probably the thickest diameter cables that I've seen are the lead jacketed Kimber speaker cables.
Trelja: I recall Martin Colloms' review of the Black Pearl a few years back (in HFNRR), and I can remember it (just like I can remeber that other Morel matter, and will soon embarrass you with it, I hope). It was 8 AWG per pole, made up of the "black pearl" stranded conductors (and the price was "only" $14,000 at that time....the price of silver must have gone up 500% since then...or else the price of lead must be really high). The Wireworld Gold Eclipse 3 also happens to be 8 AWG per pole, and all silver.
Carl, thanks for the information on the awg of the Black Pearl. I appreciate it. I remember seeing the price being $50000, but I accept your recollection of the price. Perhaps, I will dig deeper, but the subject is more or less irrelevant to me, as I cannot afford either. I am afraid you cannot embarrass me. That emotion stems from fear, hatred, and guilt. None of which are a part of my being. If I am wrong on a matter, I stand up and admit so. That is the difference between a boy and a man. A man can accept who he is, and the fact that he is not infallible. We are all sometimes correct and sometimes incorrect. I do not gloat when being correct. You have taken a matter of FACT(not opinion), which you are clearly wrong on(as I directly quoted page, paragraph, and person - I even offered to fax you the article...), to heart. And in the end, feelings like that will never lead to happiness. As we approach Christmas, I wish you both peace and good listening.
It's pretty sad when grown adults make statements like, "... just like I can remember the other Morel matter, and will soon embarrass you with it, I hope". This mentality reminds me of a schoolyard bully. Please keep this forum civil. If not out of respect for others, do it out of respect for yourself.
Excellent philosophy Jacks. The forum is about the exchange of ideas, and knowledge. That represents a give and take relationship to me. The goal is that we all become richer, in terms of being audiophiles. One thing about bullies, they are actually cowards...
Trelja, you are absolutely right. It is so easy to hide behind a screen and try to bully or intimadate others. I wonder how many new people visit this site and are afraid to ask questions because of some idiot who thinks he has all the answers will beat up on them. I look at them as having no useful info but rather a look at me aint I God's gift to the audiophile attitude. If it were one on one person to person, I doubt very much these cowards would ever say a word. Anyone new to Audiogon do not let these clowns intimidate you.
Trelja, you took it seriously, I was merely trying to be humourous. The love from you guys is overhelming "at this time of year". If you think me such the moron, that I think I'm infallable, you are quite incorrect. And if being younger than you makes me "a boy", then I'll wear it with a badge of honor. You don't need to fax me anything, I have the magazine a few feet from me in a stack, just haven't had time to dig through it. For whatever the reason you are angry with me Trelja, I'm sure you're man enough to get a better sense of humor, and realize when someone is using "ribbing" humor. This is a type of humor that I get from others every time I post here, and when it irks me, I'm told to "chill out" and "don't be so tense". You might give this a try also, Trelja. AND IF I AM WRONG, I'LL ADMIT IT FREELY; BUT THEN NONE OF YOU BETTER FREAKING GLOAT ABOUT IT, EITHER...since you are implying that you think I like to gloat....unless of course you want to be thought of as a mere boy. "I'm a monkeyman..."
Carl, my deepest apologies! !!!I READ YOU COMPLETELY WRONG!!! I have said it. And I am standing up now to admit it. Anyone who wants to take a free shot at me, go ahead. I can take it. I see the feuds you get in with people(filled with acid), and thought we were heading down the same road. I offer peace to everyone, but don't have a problem getting into a fight. We are the SAME age, 31. Not sure who is "technically" younger, as my birthday is June 13th, 1969. You can settle that one... As far as humor goes, if you knew me, you would see that I have been the class clown since the day I was born. Actually, my greatest skill in life is imitating people, and I almost got a job on a local radio station impersonating voices in a comedic way. Too bad for me that I didn't follow through on it, as the guy who does is now a big star in Philly. Six figure salary. Everyone who hears me says I am funnier, and that my impersonations are superior. No regrets though, I love coding in C++/Oracle in UNIX OS. Kind of fun really, I learn new things everyday. To me, challenges in life are what motivates me, and I definitely get that. So, again I AM SORRY. And glad to move on from here. Incidentally, the Stereophile article doesn't list the driver model number(only that it's polypropylene) in the Eggleston, but I will give it to you(in case you ever want to try it - GREAT driver). MW162 is the standard Morel paper coned version. MW164 is the double magnet, paper coned driver(that is most used). And MW166 is the polymer coned version of the MW164, it's the one used by Eggleston. Take care.
I know the drivers, I own two 164's, and have the Solen catalog (it has a detailed list of all drivers). It's a shame that you didn't get to do the radio gig, sounds like it'd be fun. (Do you ever hear the "Johnboy and Billy Show", out of Charlotte NC? It's hilarious, but mostly geared for southern folk. The best skit is called "married man", but there are many others). And there was no real need for you to apologize. I am still going to look the article up, probably tonight. BTW, you seem to know a lot about drivers. Did you know that, for some reason, Morel makes the 160 series either with 3, or 4 ridges in the spider (yet they spec them the same, and do not distinguish these differences with the serial #)? They can even be manufactured in the same series, and still have either one of the # of ridges? Anyways, I had to keep exchanging mine until I got two that had the same # of ridges (I wanted 4, rather than 3). I spoke with someone at the manufacturer in Israel thru e-mail, and they claimed that there would be no difference in any of the parameters (qms, for instance), but I had my doubts, so I wanted to get a pair that had the same number of ridges.
Trelja, I am both humbled and saddened with myself. I apologize for not doing this sooner. You were very right about the Stereophile article (I knew you were, but I wanted to check on something else before getting back to you here). I WAS VERY WRONG. I now remember reading it back then, and thinking that something was wrong with the review, but now I know that I myself must have been wrong (that indeed a paper version was NEVER used in the Andra...they do claim as always, that what is used is a "custom" version of the 166). And clearly on the cover photo (October 1997), they are polypropyelene. It is possible that for some reason, I mixed up the sentiments in Morel's own product literature, with that of an interview with Bill Eggleston that I read SOMEWHERE (and I know not where, apparently it wasn't Stereophile...unless it was some followup in mid '98, those are buried somewhere around here...could have been in some other mag, and perhaps I didn't buy the issue), where he was talking about the speaker projects he used to build with his father, using a paper cone midwoofer "because of the quality of the midrange, due to the superior damping characteristics of treated paper as cone material".........The quote I remember well, but I know not where it came from...other than my malfunctioning brain. It could have even been a review of another Eggleston speaker like the Rosa, but I don't know. I just looked up the Andra review in my July/August 1996 issue of Fi, and there is no interview with Eggleston himself there either, but instead much discussion of Peter McGrath's demos of the speaker. In any case, it seems to me that Eggleston should have used the paper 164 instead, because it's hi-frequency response clearly rolls off more smoothly than the polypropylene 166, and indeed the 164's rolloff is smoother (and in a gradual/gentle way) than that of ANY other midwoofer in the world, it seems to me. This seems especially appropriate, since there is no low pass crossover used with them in the Andra. I mean, show me a driver response plot that proves otherwise? In any case, you were correct, and I am eating crow. And, no, all of this isn't really worth debating anyhow..................I am now going to cease posting in this forum, I have had enough. I look forward to reading these forums on occasion, where I will hope to see your knowledgeable and helpful personality on display here, especially since you have the right attitudes with regard to the speaker building hobby (and most audiophiles do not, that is a certainty in my own experience)! You are a class act all the way, Trelja! I wish you all the best for 2001, and for your system!!! Happy listening always. Regards, Carl
Carl_eber, You say I am now going to cease posting in this forum. Why? This is not like you. I never thought Carl_eber would lay down and die. Cmon Carl, where is that, me against the world attitude that I admire about you. If you quit posting there may be a few applauding this decision but not me. Carl, please rethink your position.
Hello Bruce! Carl, pick yourself up. I am extending my hand, if you need it. You can stop eating crow, because I am taking us both(and Bruce) out to the best steakhouse I can find. MY TREAT!!! Hold your head up high. You are far too knowledgeable, and too much of an asset to this site to stop posting. I am wrong more than I am right, that goes with being human. In my opinion, the way we handle it ultimately determines if we are happy or not, and successful or not. Don't worry about speaker building, you are a great person to have in the hobby. As it is as much about art and passion as it is science. And you bring that passion. Look at almost every truth in the hobby. Someone one day comes along and does the opposite, and makes a GREAT speaker. To be honest, I have not built anything since 1996(I think), while you are currently active. I hope to return one day, but have to say I admire the fact that you are in the trenches now. Keep faith, a new day comes every morning. GOOD LUCK!
Cool, were all going to get along. Takes a big man to admit he is wrong, more so when the tempers flare and the story/saga escalates to the degree it had. Thanks Carl.
Kharma speaker cable

6 pics dwn
I agree with the kharma cables, me and a buddy up here did a shoot out with the kharma cables and the cables he was using-those things are MASSIVE, and they feel a little spongy, dunno why???
kharma grand reference maybe 5'' diameter and you can find as a second hand at used cable(the cable company) also it sound great.
Purist Audio Dominus. Definitely Anaconda-sized, liquid-filled, expensive and one of the cleanest and most dynamic cables around.