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Dual volume control - it should be standard
I agree. Inna. Especially when playing back LP's. 
New Maplenoll Ariadne owner needing advice
I also bought the highest quality regulators that I could find, with the thought that less regulator flutter would equate to less air pulsation. I discarded the PVC plastic "scuds" with air tanks, one large 15 gallon tank back where I store the ai... 
New Maplenoll Ariadne owner needing advice
Oilman: LOL, The nice thing about a wife's sewing room is that the buzz of an oil less rotary vane pump is quiter than the sewing machine. :) I have a very understanding wife. Which Junaire model did use and do you have any specs? CFM @ PSI, etc? ... 
New Maplenoll Ariadne owner needing advice
Refridgerant compressors like those used by Maplenoll are lubricated by oil, not freon. Freon is not a lubricant. Most HVAC guys know that they need to add oil to a new install and/or pump replacement. It's HVAC 101. I'd strongly suggest going to ... 
Itunes or Cds, the smartest purchase?
What's more important, sound quality or convenience? Do you shop on the interior of the grocery store where all of the packaged processed food is, or do you purchase from the outer rows, and purchase the fresh meats and produce? 
Do not buy any Sonus Faber used
Must be a trans-shipment incident. Dealers from other countries selling out of their area?I haven't paid a lot of attention to Sonus Faber since the mid 1990's, just curious, do they now make their own drivers? As far as I knew, they use drivers m... 
What amps use the KT120 tubes?
Tube Research Labs 
What is the best Reel To Reel machine ever built?
I have several Scully's. Great sounding deck, Usermanual. Good enough that Hendrix used them at Electric Ladyland. :) 
What is the best Reel To Reel machine ever built?
John Stephens built the very best sounding professional deck ever built. Just try to find an owner willing to sell one. 
Any experience with HRS Harmonic Resolution system
Try the HRS Nimbus puck/disc underneath Stillpoints. 
The Audiophile's Wife
What a great wife, Bill. I think that she understands audiophiles. Do you think she will offer counseling for other audiophile wives? :)What a sense of humor! 
2011 RMAF Analog Reports + Meet and Greet
I suggest a lead sheet lined Anvil Case for those precious 15 IPS reels, Myles. :) 
Any vets among the Audiophiles here?
Thanks to every Veteren for their sacrifice. Excellent job, Seal Team 6! USN 1984-1987 FC2 Firecontrolman Missles 
Why Doesn't Contemporary Jazz Get Any Respect?
Are you kidding? Some of the best bop era jazz was released on the Contemporary Jazz label. :) 
Anyone read TAS's Ten Most Significant Amps?
Just curious; How many of Harry's "best amp ever" reviews from the 1990's made it on that list?