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Warm Up Time Tube Phono Preamplifiers
Lak is right.  If a new phono stage, or new tubes...the tubes will take ~50-100 hours to settle down...the phono stage could take longer.Best way is to listen and enjoy the ride :) 
Has anyone put a vibraplane on a Finite-Elemente master ref. rack??
I used to own one of those racks.  I think that is to much...they list the specs on their website... 
Warm Up Time Tube Phono Preamplifiers
You should turn off your tube gear.  Just wears out the tubes.   Usually tube gear sounds best after 15-30 minutes. 
fozgometer readings all of a sudden much higher after retip
No cause for alarm...just a bit different with the retipping.  Just adjust again per the Fozgo...Could be both Stylus were "in spec" but the new one has zero wear and causing a diff reading.   
Nagra Jazz
sure.  can you try here on a-gon mail system first? 
Nagra Jazz
Yes on my Nagra VPS.  Makes a real difference.   I am not on my Nagra MPS or Classic amp.  I've heard the VFS  under the Jazz at my dealer...(and when I had my PLL I had a 2nd VFS) it's easy to hear the benefits and ditto under the MPS (tried this... 
Nagra Jazz
Not yet.  And I have a big room and speakers with a tough load - this amp is really good.  Just saw a review on 6moons.com if you want to get a 2nd opinion... 
Nagra Jazz
Wim, you'll love the Classic amp !  It's a very special piece! 
Nagra Jazz
I used to own a Nagra PLL and still own a Nagra VPS/MPS/VFS and recently purchased a Nagra Classic amp.Should be ~1-2 minutes.  This is normal is it's slowly starting to prolong tube life.You have one of the worlds best preamps, congrats ! 
Upsampling -- DcS?
Pretty well written post just above mine. I have a dCS Vivaldi up-sampler. All you have to do is listen with/with out it. It will only take a minute to hear the benefits it brings to a dCS system...I think bit perfect is likely true, just doesn't ... 
Rockport Altair matching amplifier?
I've been thrilled with my new Nagra Classic amp driving my Altairs.Admranger, I think any large speaker likes some room to breathe.  The Aviors are amazing also... 
Lyra Kleos Repair
If you like your Lyra a Lyra...I'd send it back to Lyra.   Mofimadness has the best path in my opinion... 
Value of Transparent MusicWave Super Speaker Cables
Are you just trying to sell or step up in cables?   Not sure if you know that Transparent has a trade in policy so they'll take your cables in trade for x$'s and replace with a current or higher end cable.   Transparent dealers will have the detai... 
Nagra Jazz
This is a quote from their brochure on Nagra's website: "The unit operates in pure class A over a very large power band and beyond in class AB. Each of the output stages is based on tandem MOSFET transistors of... 
Turntable Wars- Reviewers take sides
Taters, Wow...that's pretty cool !!