Best setting for Allnic H-7000 phono preamp with Hana Umami Red MC cartridge

Just got both these outstanding pieces.  Hana is on a VPI Signature Prime, JMW Memorial tonearm. 

I'm new to all of this equipment and given the expertise on this forum, I am looking for your expertise in getting these sync'd up as best as I can.  Your collective help is much appreciated😀
If you are talking about load setting, I’d try 47K first. I believe that is a top tier preamp and should have a stable enough circuit to use 47K with a LOMC. If that doesn’t work, try the Mfgs recommended loading.
BTW, Congrats on a very nice phono preamp.

First steps - TT setup / tonearm / bolt up cart / fine adjustments.
YouTube video here:
VPI Prime Setup Video - YouTube
The VPI user forum is a good reference destination to begin.
Please do provide some input on the H-7000 Phono Pre after dialing in the Analog End of the System.
I've had the H-3000 for some years and used various cartridges, including Airtights and Koetsu stones. The Airtight has a very low internal impedance, and sounded best loaded down. The Koetsus sounded better with a higher impedance setting. Given the ease with which you can adjust these settings, you should experiment. 
Enjoy your new equipment! 
Thanks for the responses.  Given the quality of the stuff I have, I'm not wanting to screw it up.  Ya Know :)
Given the quality of the stuff I have, I’m not wanting to screw it up. Ya Know :)

I agree but you will not mess it up. I still say try the 47K IF your preamp allows it. The reason is that loading the cartridge down makes the suspension stiffer and thus limits the stylus tracking ability
This has been talked about by Atmasphere and other knowledgeable people. But as Whart has said, "Experiment" to find the best setting. Your pre may not be able to run the LOMC at 47K. But this is where I load my Zyx 4D with good results.