I need some help understanding preamps.

 I’m looking at two different preamp’s They both are from McIntosh. What is the C1100T And the control panel that goes with it. Versus a new one that they’ve come out with call the C8. There’s a huge difference in price and I’m not sure what I’ll get for my money if I get the more expensive one. For instance is the more expensive one quieter? I’m not really sure What to ask. If I could get some opinions on why the more expensive one is better that would be awesome. Here’s a link to the more expensive one‘https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/products/preamplifiers/C1100

thank you very much. Any information is appreciated.
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At a glance one difference is the more expensive unit appears to have a lot more inputs which you may or may not need.  
Overall functionality And flexibility can vary greatly among preamps so consider what features you need or really care about in addition to sound quality.   I would bet both sound really good.  
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You're looking at a two box preamp with an outboard power supply versus a much smaller preamp with integrated power supply. In theory a preamp with an outoard power supply should sound better, be quieter, extend more into the frequency extremes, especially bass. That being said it's not a guarantee of performance but it's a good design choice.

Are you able to listen to either of these? The C1100T may sound better but how much better vs the difference in price?  That's the question.
Audio Classics can help you sort that all out with Mac preamps that have been well gone thru. The two box in tube configuration is an excellent preamp 
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