Anyone Try this?

Recent issue of Stereophile had a tweak suggestion to use thick felt pads versus spikes for speakers situated on hardwood floors; implied that there was no sonic degradation. Anyone ever try this, and if so findings?
My system is not only on a hardwood floor but on a second floor. I have my speakers on a one inch piece of marble with thick felt pads glued to the bottom of the marble.
This certainly did the trick for me.
It just may work for you. I removed some Herbie's footers from under my monitors and sat the speaker directly on my maple stands and the sound improved dramatically.

The thick felt should protect the floor and have minimal, if any effect of it's own on the sound.

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There is a "spikist element" lurking around so be careful not to say too much about spike abandonment or you will feel their wrath. I de-coupled my Silverline Preludes from the wood floor with Vibrapods (on wood blocks to simply raise the tweeter level 4 inches or so…the pods are under the speaker's feet) a few years ago after having been a spiker for decades and man…works swimmingly and makes a lot of sense if you simply release your mind from the pokey grip of the Fundamentalist Spike Cabal.
Nobody goes for the "roller bearing" isolation concept as proposed by audiophile recording engineer Barry Diament, ay?
Try different things and listen. Whatever physically stabilizes the speakers best forming a solid foundation with the floor will probably sound best. Hockey pucks are not a bad idea. I wish I thought of that one. Getting speakers settled firmly and in teh right location and orientation is key to best possible sound. No wobble!!!
Spikes are just plain bad news .
I went to Herbies threaded ceramic glider footers on the two pr of speakers I listen to most, BIG improvement.
Herbies sorbothane based footers are not made for speakers.
The four feet on the outriggers of my Tidal speakers are basically a roller bearing support. I installed 1/8" thick dense felt pads on the bottom of the feet and have noticed no audible change vs. the footer's stainless steel surface contacting the floor. It sure is a lot easier to move the speakers now and I don't have to worry about scratching the aluminum oxide finish on the plank flooring.