Anyone tried the Denafrips CD transport?

I am currently using a Cambridge CXC transport and believe it to be a high value product at $600 retail. That said I am interested in the Denafrips transport as I could move the CXC to my secondary system. I am using a Audio Mirror Tubadour III DAC.
The direct competition to the Denafrips is the Jay's CDT-MkII.  No point in considering it without considering the Jay's as well.  And you're more likely to find comparisons between these two.
Interesting as I'm in the exact same situation! I too have a CXC & looking at the Denafrips transport. It appears to be excellent value. 
Denafrips CD transport?

Went to buy one to see shipping cost on Vinshine's website Transport was S$1698.00 which is parity with Australian dollar, and then shipping was s$9999.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What gives Vinshine ( Alvin Chee, Owner) ??.

Cheers George

Got an email, I understand now, if Denafrips have an agent in your country which I couldn't find, they are the ones you need to purchase from. Australia is even mentioned as partners on the Denafrips website. or even on the world map.

From Denafrips:
Hi George
Good to hear from you. Are you the active member in Audiogon?
We have a partner in Melbourne, would you please contact him to make the purchase?
Cc: Stav.
Many thanks.
Yours sincerely,
Alvin Chee

Cheers George

Denafrips Avatar in USA right now is $1237.72 including shipping...10-12 weeks for delivery

A comparison between the Denafrips and the Jay's would be great. As would between these and the CXC.  My greatest interest would be between the Denafrips and the CXC as the Denafrips is about 1/2 the cost of the Jay's. May purchase the Denafrips and make this comparison, in no hurry however. 

With the realization that there are not yet many out there, I am hoping to hear from owners of the Denafrips. 
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When I emailed Alvin about that he said Jay’s Audio has been making transports for many many years. He said Jay’s is the better transport.

Maybe for hi-res and dsd the Denafrips would be better, but I do strictly Redbook and the Jay’s using the I2S output going to my AM Tubadour III
SE Dac sounds great.
I believe the Denafrips is a Redbook CD player only. My Tubadour has the upgraded caps and resistors, however lacks the I2S output. 
I found the post comparing the Jay's Audio CDT2 to the Denafrips Avatar where the Jay's ended up being sold. There are some disclaimers since different inputs to the Terminator DAC were used. Seeing Alvin's comment above YMMV would seem to apply.
Judging from different inputs on the Terminator is not the best move. But hey, whatever works for a user. 
I currently have a CXC and waiting on the delivery of the Denafrips transport. I finally pulled the trigger on a new transport. I've been itching to upgrade my cxc for a long time. Don't get me wrong, I love my cxc. Had it for the last 4 years. But I think it's time to step it up a bit. Been eyeing the Jay's for the last couple of years now. But never wanted to spend over $2k for one. I don't have any magical dac, so I'll be hooking it up with the digital coaxial straight to my xmc-2. Which imo sound great with Dirac. I have always wanted to get a dac but I don't want to lose Dirac. 
Panasonicst, I am very interested on your thought once you have spent time with the new transport. 
It will be a while as the Avatar uses elna silmic ii caps which will take 200+ hrs of burn. Excellent caps though. When I was into headfi mods, forum members were a huge fan of these caps.
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to your thoughts as the Avatar breaks in.
@panasonicst60, how about an update on the Avatar? Is it all that you had hoped for? Surely it has broken in by now.
Just to come back for a quick report. Took me only one A-B between the Avatar and the CXC to be able to tell that it was a massive upgrade. Two things that stood out most to me in the short comparison was as follow. One, the instruments are more separated(less smeared). Secondly, the detail in the music was clearer.

Just for your perspective. When I upgraded from an Oppo 103 to a dedicated transport the CXC, it took me at least five A-Bs to confirm with out a doubt that the CXC was slightly better. I would say it was about about a 10% improvement. Also when I compared the CXC to the Audiolab 6000a it also took me a bit to be able to tell that the CXC was slightly better.

So how much better was the Avatar compared to the CXC. I would ballpark about 20% better. It’s petty amazing to be honest. It definitely shocked me. To be 100% honest, I had my doubts on ever spending over $1000 on a transport as the CXC was so good already. I assumed it was at a point of diminishing returns. Boy was I wrong.

I liked the Avatar so much that I bought another backup CDM4 drive. Long live the Avatar! My CXC will not be missed ;)