Responses from infection

For city apartment dweller audiophiles. Have you ever had neighbors banging on your walls?
@roxy1927 Try mag lev under the speakers & ask the neighbour if it's an improvement.  
How often, and how, do you clean your stylus?
Keep your vinyl clean & that will reduce stylus cleaning.     
No discussion about the Synergistic Pink fuse?
I'm just waiting for their rainbow fuse.   
Martin Logan vs. Everything
Modern speakers are overpriced in my opinion.    So you've heard all "modern" speakers at every price point in your system...?  
Does a record player make that much of a difference??
My general rule of thumb is the phono stage investment should be around the same as the Turntable and arm. These support getting the very best out of whatever cartridge you choose.   This works for me too. My phono stage investment is a bit mo... 
Can you touch the tubes?
For better grip I use nitrile gloves.   
Please help me to define diagnosis of the following illness.
@deadhead1000  Which death metal albums?  
Please help me to define diagnosis of the following illness.
@czarivey  LOL!  I jest of course.  I go through a similar phase. It's just getting your fill of a particular song, album, piece of music, genre...then when you're satisfied you switch.  Unless an individual's collection is of one genre...  
Please help me to define diagnosis of the following illness.
I think it's called shitmusictastetiosis.  
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
As you have a Luxman amp, send them an email asking what they suggest...  
Integrated suggestions
Thank you all for your continued suggestions. Obviously used offers more value & I briefly contemplated a used Levinson 585 but my back isn't the best & I don't think I want to return to a very heavy lump. The issue is I can't see the Oct... 
Integrated suggestions
@rmdmoore  I have the PH9.0X with Tesla tubes & silver umbilical. Fantastic phono stage & i suspect my last. @lak Which one falls within the budget...? Never heard of Circle Labs before. Not considered McIntosh or Accuphase. Still not su... 
Integrated suggestions
@njkrebs  Good call, I'd forgotten about Lab12. This is probably the direct competition to the X200. I'd certainly like to hear both...  
Integrated suggestions
@edcyn  If you read my initial post you'll see the reason i am selling my current integrated is not because "I fancy a change..."  
Integrated suggestions
@secretguy It's just a general guide.