Ansuz Darkz resonance control footers

Anyone have advice for isolation and resonance control for my Oppo BDP105 primarily used as a transport.

I had the opportunity to try Ansuz Darkz T2S ($5100/set of 3).  They were amazing, providing a much quieter background, more focus and all around musicality.  So I am convinced big improvements are obtainable here but the price is out of reach.  I also tried the Darkz C2T, much less expensive which were good.   

I have been able to try Nordost Titanium Sort Kones and Stillpoints.  These helped but not like the T2S

I would appreciate opinions from anyone for a similar application. Perhaps using Townshend or Voodoo Isopods? 


You’re going to laugh, but when I had my OPPO 205, I found the sound improved significantly with a Vibrapod under each foot. Never heard them improve anything else, but it was a big difference on that player. About $25 for a set of 4. I think I used the #3. Go figure. I also liked the sound of those Nobsound springs under my CEC, but I didn’t like the way they looked. If you insist on spending more, I’m a big fan of Symposium svelte shelves. Good products and very elegant looking, which matters to me.

Check out the Live Vibe website. Their platforms are less expensive and they really work.

check out the Townshend products they make isolation products for everything from speakers to components and they're a lot less expensive than anzus.

Thanks for all suggestions.  Chayro, I hadn't heard of the Symposium svelte shelves but looks like a good option as the principle of internal resonance control through heat dissipation is similar to Ansuz.  I might try to see how well it works.  And, why not on the the Vibrapods.  Have you experienced them working better than other Sorbothane type of pucks?  I have found these to change things but also blur the sound  

@davejaz - I never tried any other footers under the OPPO other than the vibrapods. All I can say is that they worked amazingly well. Personally, I wouldn’t spend more on isolation than the component is worth. And I use the svelte shelf under my other components, but never tried one under the OPPO.  

we have tried the isopods  decent but not in the same league as the darkz

however the critical mass footers are direct competitors  to the dakz


545  each for the 1inch footers $2180 for four so a bit less expensive then the darks and they  are amazing


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@davejaz - I don’t know if this is what you meant in your last post, but I would not use the Symposium together with Vibrapods, as Symposium works with rigid coupling between the component and the shelf. One or the other. 

Yes I understand.  It looks like I would need Couplers fro the Symposium shelf.  Also Rollerblocks with Tungsten bearing look interesting.  Chayro, any thoughts?  I have ordered Vibrapods just for fun to try your solution on the Oppo