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Looking for advise and recommendations on a nice record cleaner.
After being frustrated with compromised cleaning solutions, I dove into a Kirmuss Ultrasonic  $1199.   It cleans 2 LP at a time and can do an amazing job of restoring records but is quite labor intensive. It often requires your attention for half ... 
Ansuz Darkz resonance control footers
Yes I understand.  It looks like I would need Couplers fro the Symposium shelf.  Also Rollerblocks with Tungsten bearing look interesting.  Chayro, any thoughts?  I have ordered Vibrapods just for fun to try your solution on the Oppo   
Ansuz Darkz resonance control footers
Thanks for all suggestions.  Chayro, I hadn't heard of the Symposium svelte shelves but looks like a good option as the principle of internal resonance control through heat dissipation is similar to Ansuz.  I might try to see how well it works.  A... 
Oracle Alexandria turntable question
Nice sounding turntable but difficult to maintain.   I have one and would pay $200 for yours to use for parts.   
Mark Levinson Repairs
Pyramid did excellent work on my Lev 33H and 336 about a year or 2 ago.   
Bluesound Node2 with outboard DAC
I have a Node2 connected by coaxial to the DAC in my Marantz AV8805 preamp. It was noticeably better than using the internal DAC.      
Hearing aids for audiophiles.
I have had the Widex Moment MRR2D for about 6 months. Yes they are expensive but so is a new preamp and it can't help you hear your grandkids. The Moments are excellent but I don't like the Music Mode that comes with the top end model. It's sounds... 
Should I sell my Oppo 205?
I also have a BDP-105 and have asked myself the same question.  It has so much flexibility, I find it hard to part with.I primarily use it as a DAC for USB from Roon. It performs the 2nd Tidal unfold and also works well with Qobuz. I connect it ... 
Roon - 10 Things You Don't Know
Nice work Chris,  I'm a regular Roon user but still found new info and ideas.  One thing I've experimented with is the DSP for hearing loss.  I have significant loss above 3K but still love my music.  I have tried the best hearing aides and usuall... 
Hard of Hearing Audiophile.
I too am a long time audiophile with hearing loss dropping off sharply 30-40db at 3k and above. After some years of fighting it, I got hearing aides from an audiologist and am now on a 2nd pair of the latest gen Widex. They are helpful for convers... 
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
I am a long time audiophile with a moderately hi end system. I have had mild tinnitus and significant hearing loss for some time. My hearing drops about 35db from 2k to 3k. I went to a good audiologist 4 years ago, which I would highly recommend. ...