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Audience Front Row?
OCC silver will be superior to regular silver it won't be as bright and edgy and the rectangular OCC single crystal copper and silver is even better than the round OCC.  
Upgrade Digital Cable Review
any digital cable that is OCC single crystal will be far superior to anything OFC, I use the harmonic technology magic digital ll and it has copper and silver OCC in it very natural and musical.  
Swap out b&w 802 d3 for Sonus faber amati g5?
you got my vote for the SF much more musical and natural sounding than B&W, also the monitor audio platinum is even better than the SF much more three-dimensional and airy and spacious sound stage.  
Swap out b&w 802 d3 for Sonus faber amati g5?
definitely go with the SF much more musical and natural than B&W  
Power Cord for Accuphase Amplifier
zlone, if you have the money the NEOTech rectangular OCC is even better than the round if you go on the NeoTech site just look up rectangular cable they have two the Amazon which is the silver rectangular OCC which is crazy expensive and the Saha... 
Power Cord for Accuphase Amplifier
try any cord that is OCC single crystal It's far superior to anything OFC at any price companies like harmonic technology, acoustic Zen, Neotech.  
Looking for RCA cables from preamp to amp?
I agree with zlone, OCC single crystal is the best wire for audio far superior to anything OFC at any price, harmonic technology, acoustic zen and neotech are some of the more affordable ones. just so you know Neotech makes cables for harmonic Tec... 
Solid State Power Amps
yyzSantaBarbara, but have you heard the 861 amplifier that's a whole different league better than the 860A V2? I have heard the 861 and it's much better than the 860 A V2.  
Solid State Power Amps
Why don't you look at the SIM audio 861 It's in your price range and SIM audio makes some of the best amps out there.  
Do you belong more to souce first or to speakers first school of thought ?
Source always first because if you got great speakers and your source is not that great it's going to sound like crap.  
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
Cafe Blue-Patricia Barber  
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
also another speaker to look at is the Boressen X series, excellent speakers punch way above their price point.  
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
Try the monitor audio gold 200 G3 that AMT Tweeter is very non-fatiguing and very three-dimensional and opened has a very enveloping sound stage makes you feel like you're right in the middle of the performance.They're in your price range, and for... 
3 choices for power amp
my recommendation is the same as vinyl valet stick with the amp within your family I think it'll probably sound the best.  
seeking advice on iso pucks /stands or similair that won't stain speakers?
if you really want to take it to the ultimate level to improve your speakers sound get the Townshend podiums, as good as the ISO acoustic Gaia are the Townshend podiums are on a whole different level better if you look at the write-ups on audiogon...