....and just when you thought you could Finally afford that pair of MBLs'.....

...and your SigOther had agreed that the 2nd on the manse was 'kinda OK..."

Not that SAF improves here...although, like the MBLs' and SOTA stuff of its' ilk....  

No, they won't go with French Provincial...but wouldn't block one from noticing the lovely console, no...😏

A shout-out to our Brit'Goners!  Has anyone even seen these beyond the showroom windows?  Any Fi-Show appearances?  An IRL 'are you Experienced'?

'Free Shipping'....I'd hope so...  Love the 21st Cen 'Nipper' pic....

...and to round it all out....a mostly clear piano, grand 'natch....



*L* Just astounded....saw this in my The Futurist e/m daily, and just fell back 'n out....

...and Finally blew up my Walsh 'desktops' (shelf above, actually...); but know where I can get 'warranty work'....*L*

Ferguson Hill has been around for years. I recall reading a review of their larger floor standing clear acrylic horns quite a few years ago. They look interesting, but I like horns.

I'm still looking for broke person who needs money selling MBL for cheap. Hate buying from dealer.

@czarivey ....I traded posts elsewhere with a 'phile in Atlanta that was/is DIY'ng a pair of 101s'...had the tweet and mid-globes down & done, and was moving on to the woofs...  A really nice bit of work, but works for a mfr. in that area so has access to tools we normally don't and was doing his own carbon fibre at home. 👍

*L*  Originally called it his 'summer project'....'quite a while ago....' ;)

Progress has slowed, tho'....got accepted and went back to college p/t.  That, work & family has undoubtedly slowed the project.

We had (and it still stands) that when we both get our respective goals into a  *meh* 'ready for semi-prime time' to meet and bench race them...

The Battle of the Geometric Shapes!  Spheres v. Cones!  The  Showdown/Throwdown of the OmniWorld!  😏  Coming eventually...

@roxy54 ..gathered that from their 'site.....and will go take another look later at their more 'plebeian' stuff...and yes, I'm kidding... ;)  Nothing against horns, actually own an older pair of Utah's as a reference, something I 'do' for my own 'watermarks', so to speak.
Heat-forming acrylic sheets in large scales 3D can be a 'black art'; if F.Hill is casting those panels and polishing them out can be, in itself, a 'price-point pusher'....

There was an artist in the Berkeley area that did very large scale acrylic castings with a huge vacuum chamber/oven.  Found out that to pull it off successfully, he had to control both going in and out of the process...

Stuff has a tendency to explode and break the mechanism...Not so good....*G*


I actually like the aesthetics of the set....but the price?  That's why I noted 'Dubai'....That crowd will buy the 'bulk' (sic) of them....because they can, just because....

I mean....do you have a gold-bar dispenser @ your 7-11?

Me neither...*L*

Me: “Neat! What colors do they come in?”


Interesting approach: make the most exotic, visually compelling part of a horn invisible so everyone focuses on the anti-ergonomic skateboarding rail it’s balanced upon.

Admittedly I can't understand the OP.

But I heard what was either a smaller pair of the Ferguson Hill speakers at a Toronto show, or perhaps it was another manufacturer doing the same thing: basically lowther-type drivers surrounded by big plastic clear focusing lens/guides.

They produced the most realistic sensation of a classical guitarist playing in front of me that I've ever heard. 

Beyond that I seem to remember them being pretty thin for more substantial music.

>Admittedly I can't understand the OP.


@prof I thought I was the only one!

@benanders *bad accent, picked up from PBS series of mansioned families*...

We offer for those who may prefer some 'color' with their symphonies:

The Ring That Binds: An OLED projection system that can synthesize imagery of all varieties.  If you'd like to watch the artists perform the selection you've in mind to see as well as hear, we can provide that experience.

Just mention that when in contact with our staff.  Your desires are our command. 

(Like buying a Ferrari....if you ask how much, you can't afford it...;)...)

@jovlinger *L* 'Current' Apple would like those sticks for the long awaited Apple TV.....so that it can be an option for the Apple EV Car....

....and don't hold your breath...**L*

@hilde45 ....Me too...after that skateboard incident @benanders mentioned, I'd have to use one of the mains to catch the 'leakage' from the 'unfortunate' skateboardist.....

"Pity how that skateboard found it's way up his behind.....*tsk*..."

@prof​​​ & @cundare2 That’s OK, gentlemen....really....

I have those sort of moments, even after ’taking one’...or even a few.... ;)

I was gifted by an employee awhile ago....with a shirt stating such, on the back:


....now, although I’ve overcome a considerable amount of various ’preventions’ in this overlong (in the not so HO of others) and multi-storied (some of which May be true on some levels) thing I murkily note as My Life of Strangers & Fictions of Fits....

....the ONLY places I can see these admittedly fine pieces of Audio Art....

...will be places such as these:

...with no concerns of theft....

...or here.....in Tornado Alley...

or, as noted....Dubai....*yawn*


As wonderful as they may sound, as 'artful' as they may be....

The odds of my hearing them is as remote as the winning Powerball number on the paper in hand.....

.....and I still would not buy them.

I've better use for that level of insane fortune:

#1 - Become a Rumour. ;)


Your wife is OK with the fire hydrants from Mars in her living room?  You can afford them?!  Or not?

You might want to consider a the Linkwitz LX521 loudspeaker system, which perform very similar to the big MBL system, at a lower price, and if you DIY, a MUCH lower price, one that mere mortals can afford.

@cundare2 ...  Well, not entirely... *G*  There's always 'something' will require either more clarity.  But obfuscation is always more a tad more entertaining to some, and some form of brain fog for others.  As has been noted:

The more things seem to make no sense whatsoever, the more it makes sense.

And it's been noted recently that Time is an actual Thing; not just a concept or that which we're kinda trapped into.  Now, the Big Trick is how to bottle it. ;)

@russbutton ....*S*  I'd already considered the Mini's instead...the 521's always looked like a pair of alien artifacts, imh....  The mans' comment about 'ignoring the room' has and does have it's appeal to me, tho'.

I can't afford them either, and in some ways being able to 'drive them Properly' is a bit of an issue as well.  Would need to drop $'s at least as much as the speakers on that to take advantage of a pair.....*oh, darn*

My diy Walsh omnis' look more like oversized lipsticks' with a very odd 'wax application mechanism' at the top.  Spouse is OK with them, although she likes our Maggies' better.... ;)