Amp for LS 3/5a Falcon Gold Badge

I just purchased a pair of Falcon Gold Badge LS 3/5a's which I will receive in about a week.  My question is what amp to use the the LS35A 's?  I currently have a Boulder 866 which is proably a huge overkill with its power.  Tube or SS?  Watts needed to properly power these speakers?  I was thinking a Enleum 23R  or Pass Int 25 should work but I am not sure.   Any feedback on what amps have worked outstanding with your LS 3/5a's would be aporeciated.  I would like to keep it simple and stay with a nice integrated. 


FWIW, Stereophile reviewed those speakers a couple of years ago using three different amps.  The reviewer like the Line Magnetic LM-518 IA.


Thank you for the reply.  Yes I read that review and have huge respect for Herb's reviews.

I have owned the Falcon Q7. It has the same drivers and xover as the LS3/5a. I have owned many LS3/5a type speakers. Any 50 watt amp is sufficient. The 15 ohm Falcons are a perfect fit with a tube amp. Since you want an integrated amp this Audio Research would fit the bill!


You are onto some good amps.  I add only Sugden.  Class A drives these well.

Its been some time now, but I am a Naim fan, and my Nait XS2 were a really fine pairing with my Rogers LS3/5As with the very nice integral subs.

My best pairing with Rogers LS3/5a’s has been a Pass xa30.8.  But, they sound pretty good with most any quality amp, even a 25wpc Vista Spark.  I should mention that is near field.

One of my employees had the original Rogers speaker- we found that our smallest amplifier, the S-30, was a great match due to the 15 Ohm impedance.