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Gryphon Diablo 300 or Vitus SIA-025mk2 / RI-101mk2
I was in a simular situation at retirement but I bought the Boulder 866.  Very nice amp.  
Looking for a CD / SACD player. Also, tell me about Esoteric
As mentioned above I have the Playback Designs Mps-8  and I don't think you will find a better one box solution!  
Looking for 200 watt Amp to drive Dynaudio Heritage speakers
Well over your budget but I use a Boulder 866 on my Heritage Specials.  The HS sees  400 watts @ 4ohms and it really drives them well.  You could sell your LTA & CJ to cover the cost of the Boulder.  It would work well on all three speakers an... 
Using two Luxman integrated amplifiers together
I really like all three of the speakers you have.  You should have some fun.  Btw the the Hertiage Specials  will never reach their full potential with 20 watts.  
Wilson Sabrina X ... oh my God! and Jadis... or?
You have a great list of tube and ss products.  I am sure your Goldmund will work well with the Wilsons, if not try  a nice tube amp.  Btw I own a Boulder 866 and I am sure it would work superbly.    
Boulder 866 / Rotel Michi M8
I own the Boulder 866 and it is a outstanding American build product.  Have not heard the M8 but there reviews are quite good.  I can attest that Boulder is a great company and everything is made in house.  Have you had a chance to listen to both ... 
Solid State Power Amps
A lot of great choices being recommended.  I own Boulder and would recommend the 1160 amp or a used 2060.    
Looking for 200 watt Amp to drive Dynaudio Heritage speakers
This is a old thread so I am not sure if the OP found a amp for his Heritage Specials or not.  I own the Hertiage Specials and have had a love and hate relationship with them but I really love how they sound once they have enough power behind them... 
Help me understand the current amp market
Take a serious look at the Boulder 866.  I had been a tube guy for over 40 years but the Boulder 866 is really good   
Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh
I love Jay's Audio Lab channel!   I don't always agree with him but I do admire how hard he works.  How could I be against someone who is trying to better himself.  I wish continued success for Jay and his channel!  
what's better than PRANA interconnect and power?
I guess not!  lol    
Cerious Technologies Luminscates
Yoby, Any updates?  I am considering these cables.    
Which LS3/5a?
Thanks for the offer!  
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
Thanks for your update!  
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
Anymore show feedback?