Oh boy, Wayne Shorter earlier this year and now the great Ahmad Jamal. Both were highly productive, innovative and marvelously gifted. Both were blessed with very long lives. Initially I always feel down when ever a notable jazz musician passes. Very fortunately however I then happily remind myself that their wonderful and beautiful music via recordings lives on and on. RIP Mr. Jamal.



Well said, one of my all time favorites. His music will live on for quite some time in my home. Special talent.

wonderful, lyrical, musical pianist, a-j was... just beautiful music came out of his fingertips

... and he a very nice, very humble man as well... wonderful soul in that person

we should all be so lucky to stay engaged, popular and productive into our 90’s...

r-i-p a-j


Loved his music, there always little surprises.  His 2008 “It’s Magic” is one my go to files for the car.  Miles just roll on by. RIP.

Sad news.  I saw him once many years ago.  A great musician and person.

Very sad another jazz legend passes and a magnificent musician with exquisite musical taste.