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Silver Speaker Cables
The question becomes whether the most expensive and thickest grade of Lavri cables gets you close enough to the AQ solid silvers.  
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
Gamut RS3i.  A superb standmount.  
speaker impedance
They make their own custom speakers.  Some of them can be very large!  
speaker impedance
If you're really serious about speakers that work with fleawatt amps, visit the Deja Vu website (the audio store in Washington DC, NOT any of the other ones!)  
Most underrated female recording artists..
Try Radka Toneff, Fairy Tales. One of the very few singers who comes close to rivalling the matchless Eva C.  
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
Graham LS 5/5; and you're done.  
I’m about to push the button to get 2 SVS 3000 micros to add to ATC SCM40s.
Try them in different positions around the room.  
How far and wide? NSMT speaker placement
They have powered woofers, right?, so they don't need near-wall reinforcement.  
Silver Speaker Cables
This is buried under the "About" tab on their website. OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) is a wire casting process developed to eliminate annealing issues and minimize grain boundaries in silver wire. A silver purity of  7N (99.99999%) results in the l... 
Cables to settle brightness
Using cables to tame brightness isn’t going to work to change brightness! Period!  Strange, because I did exactly that very successfully, with some Cardas Golden Cross ICs.      
Cables to Add Brightness
@jjss49 +10.  How could that aspect of a cable's performance not be a factor in choosing between different brands and models?  
Cables to settle brightness
I'd add Acrotec/Acrolink to that list. The previous Golden generation of Cardas is warmer than the current. Try the Golden Cross or Golden Reference, the "mid" cable the Golden Presence isn't quite as good.  
What Neutral Means in Reviews & Our Discussions? Are We Confusing Tame/Flat For Neutral?
Are all audio components manufactured in Switzerland neutral?  
Amp(s) to drive B&W 803 D3 speakers
Circle Labs M200.  One or even better two.  Gestalt Audio has them.  
Looking For The Best Pre-Amp Match For A Pair of Classe Omega Amplifiers
Backert is tubed but is not Conrad-Johnson-tubey, and has all the attributes you desire and none that you don't want.