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Open Baffle Experience
@mwatsme The recordings were made by Audiogon member @shkong78 at the Pacific Audio Show. I don't know what he used to make them.  To me the Spatials sound very good and are at the very least competitive with the Voxativs.  
Classical piano solo—Your one favorite performance and recording
John O'Conor's traversal of the Beethoven sonatas on Telarc is very good.  As are plenty of other recordings.  
Open Baffle Experience
Then compare same track on 3x more expensive Voxativ.    
Open Baffle Experience
  How does this sound to you guys?  
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
Tannoy may have nothing at that price point, but Fyne certainly does, below and just above.  
Best sounding CD player
@dvdgreco  https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/luxman-d-10x-cd-sacd-player-and-dac/  
Magnepan LRS in the house!
RJS Accoustics makes a couple of modestly sized subwoofer units (pairs) that go especially well with LRS+. Check them out here: RJS Acoustics | For The Passion Of Sound Reproduction  
Best sounding CD player
Luxman "u" is the previous generation,in the 8, 6, and 5 versions. "x" is the current generation.  Currently only the 10 and the 3.  Surprised to find the "u"'s still listed on the Luxman website.  They will be discontinued.  I gather that the in... 
Best sounding CD player
Luxman, or Marantz, or Esoteric. Some of these will allow you to access their DAC (digital "in") so that you can hook a streamer up to them.  
Small Footprint SS Power Amps
AGD Tempo di Gan gets you there. If you can accommodate really small monoblocks, I endorse Van Alstine M225's.  
Magico Titan 15 $32,000 active subwoofer overview
You can get a pair of Wilson LoKe's for a measly $17,500.  
Diagnosing inadequate bass in an audio system.
There are test discs with consecutive tracks with different test tone frequencies that go all the way down to 20Hz.  Get one and see where you start to detect a falloff in output.  More scientifically, you could see how they do with a SPL meter.  ... 
Pass Then vs. Pass Now
@jjss49 What's the lowest-powered Pass you've used to drive (successfully) a Harbeth 40.x?  
Speaker upgrade
if you liked Tyler then there are these: T2 Floorstanders – tyleracoustics.com which are supposed to be (by some margin) the best speakers that Tyler had produced to date.  Dannie Ritchie and GR Research had a major hand in them.  
Spatial X5 speakers
There appears to have been a major culling of models at Spatial, leaving just two currently available, the M4 and the X4, both in their "Ultra" version, whatever that denotes.  Part of it may be parts availability, and I suppose also possibly cust...