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New Western Electric 91E 300B Tube Integrated Amp REVIEW !
The classic Dennis Had-designed Cary 300B SETs, from back in the day, were capable of 9, 10, 11 watts; the one I owned drove my ProAc Response 2.5s to volumes I would never listen at.  So the JA measurements of output of the WE did give me some pa... 
Just how many options does 1 need in a 2 way bookshelf design?
Graham LS5/8.  It may not look it, but that's a 12" woofer.   And now something old that's new from Wharfedale (Dovedale), with a 10" woofer.  
I've been selling heavier gear for lighter gear
Yet another reason to explore the excellent offerings from AGD and Atmasphere.  Now you can have your cake and lift it.  
Just how many options does 1 need in a 2 way bookshelf design?
OP, I think you'd feel more at home here: http://cheeseforum.org/forum/index.php  
Digital is far better than vinyl
Sweet Vinyl Sugarcubes help quite a bit.  
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
The best stands come from this firm in Britain.  They make a wide range of dedicated and non-specific stands. https://www.customdesign.co.uk/speaker-stands-acoustic-steel-hifi-isolation-platform-speaker-stand-supports-hifi-stands-hifi-isolation-s... 
Classical piano solo—Your one favorite performance and recording
There's a rather good movie out there called Eroica, made by Simon Cellan Jones.  As you might suspect, it features among other things a performance of that symphony.  For those just starting out with classical music, it demonstrates very well, I ... 
Recommend a good tube power amp in the 100 wpc range for under $4k
ICON AUDIO.  Very well reviewed.  And reasonably priced. https://www.musicdirect.com/search/?query=icon#/icon/0/score/desc/?tab=product&category_names_na_str=Equipment,Amplification  
Digital is far better than vinyl
One of the major DAC manufacturers (I can't reveal which) is currently working on a little add-on box that will introduce subtle pops and ticks and barely perceptible needle-in-groove surface noise into the digital signal, so that streamers can ha... 
Open Baffle Experience
@soix They were almost certainly the X4's, which is what Spatial has been using recently at shows, coupled with the LTA ZOTL40+ integrated.  Earlier in this thread I posted a video of that same combo at the Pacific show.  Because of supply issues ... 
Need HDMI Cable Input: Knowledge/Comparison Assist, Please
The DH Labs 2.1 uses a mixture of copper and fiber optic conductors. So I wonder if technically it is an AOC cable, though I’ve also read great things about it. The WIreworld Stellar uses purely fiber optic conductors and is also rated 2.1.  There... 
What exactly is a speaker box sound?
Some designers remain, errr, heretical.  
Does an Audioquest Niagra 1200 limit amplifier dynamics?
I have the Puritan 156 and the Isotek Sigmas EVO3, and while the Isotek is good, the Puritan is better (and less expensive).  
Integrated amp for Proac D2
Try the Belles Signature integrated.  Call Johnny at Audio Connection.  He knows Belles and Proac very well.  
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
I wonder if it was Fyne.  Fyne provides competition to the Mofi both below and above their price point.