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Speaker upgrade
Have you considered open baffle speakers?  They're not box speakers and they're not horns. Take a look here at two models: M4 Ultra | Spatial Audio Lab X4 Ultra | Spatial Audio Lab  
To pricey
How many takeovers, buyouts, etc. etc. has B&W been subject to since they were actually Bowers & Wilkins down in deepest Sussex?  Who owns them now? Whatever you think of them nowadays, for the list price of any of their models it would b... 
Cost effective power cables recommendations, low and high power
In light of your screenname, I suggest going here, and reading about which models are recommended for what types of components. Power Cords | Triode Wire Labs  
Dust Settled Consensus- is the Benchmark AHB2 an Audiophile Amplifier?
There was a guy over on WhatsBestForum driving his 40.2's with a bridged pair of AHB2's.  He thought this was the best combination.  
Cabling Recommendations
It's amazing to see how many uses a wire hanger has.  
Graham LS5/9 vs Harbeth M30.2 and SHL5 Plus
Don't forget in very much the same vein the Spendor Classic 1/2.  This is a close contender and might even be your best bet.  
Audio Envy SP12 Speaker Cables
The SP12's have an interesting form factor.  They're not exactly fully flat ribbon (think Nordost) but they's certainly not round either.  I'd be interested to know how they're constructed inside.  
Leonard Cohen Tribute - Here It Is
A whole bunch of singers have done cover albums over the years.  A couple of the better ones are by Judy Collins and Perla Batalla. If you like Cohen's gravelly voice, you should check out Sean Rowe.  You'll recognize one of his songs from the cl... 
Cables to settle brightness
Herbs and spices should never be used to modify the flavor of a dish. You should always achieve the exact flavor you are aiming for through the choice and combination of the primary ingredients.  
Active Speakers Better? No, per Michael Borresen
Remember, Borresen is also Ansuz cables and power supplies and Aavik amplifiers, so if he's really taking that stance, it's worthy of note. In contrast, YG Acoustics just teamed up with Bel Canto and Cambridge Acoustic Sciences to produce the Van... 
How many people do you think have the same DAC, amplifier, and speakers
https://www.calculator.net/permutation-and-combination-calculator.html Now enter the total number of brands and models of each type of component, both those current (no pun) and manufactured in the past but still in use. Don't forget ICs, SCs, a... 
Luxman Knockoffs or Counterfeits?
Luxman is a much more common brand in Japan.  All the models coming from Japan will have 100v electrical, so you need a step-down transformer.  This makes those models considerably less desirable.  
Focal Stella
Yes, this smells fizzy.  
The one time you want to pull out but she says no.
Put casters on them.  
Can someone help me pick out my first speakers?
Crutchfield. Polk, PSB, Paradigm, or Wharfedale.