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Cary 308T CD player Level Adjust.
Brooks1, Good point about the tube life. I just wanted to double check the setting you mentioned. The level I have goes up to 64 - you kept it at 32 -- you had yours at 50%? Did you lose any detail? Thanks, Rob 
Room Treatments, When are they required?
Well, room treatment is necessary to get your equipment to sound the way they are designed to. You spent all of that money, you may as well get what you paid for. A dedicated listening room is up to you. I decided to go with it and am glad I did. ... 
Best way to move a Sony TV from CA to TX
FYI this is an audio forum. 
Green Mtn Europa vs. Von Schweikert VR1
Never heard the Europas. In fact, never heard of them either. I would be very leary of any comments like "blew away" especially given the way the VS sounds. I'm also curious to see if anyone can back that up. If so, then they've remained a secret. 
Cary 308T CD player Level Adjust.
Thanks for the response Willobandb. That confirmed what I noticed. If I turn the volume to max it tends to sound a bit bright. Whereas, if I back it off just a bit shy of max it sounds smoother and doesn't kill the detail. 
How about room treatment. I'm messing around with room treatment myself. And I get the sssss as a peircing sound on some placements of my absorber/defussors, while other placements eliminate it altogher. Just a thought. 
suggestions for high quality but inexpensive amps
Rotel RB-1080 ($1,000) RB-1090 ($2000) 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
My favorites are Randy Rhoads (not only very talented but very musical - who knows what he would have been capable of had he lived long enough), Steve Vai and Al dimeola (for talent and innovation), Frank Gambale (sheer talent - although not my fa... 
Von Schweikert VR-4,Jr.
I am biwiring, haven't compared it to single runs, but I think the most significant change in sound (and should be almost mandatory) is adding lead shot and of course, decoupling from the floor. I bent the supplied spikes all up, and bought more s... 
SACD - Dying already?
If that is tha root cauze of everythingg evil -- does that makee spel checker our saviorrr.??? 
SACD - Dying already?
Yes, I've listened to a good SACD system and some SACDs are recorded badly some CDs are recorded badly and some vinyl is recorded badly. What was the point of comparing a well recorded SACD to a badly recorded LP? Where were you going with that? T... 
SACD - Dying already?
SACD sounding better than vynil -- wow a revelation -- everybody stop making turntables and tone arms something has trumped vynil! we've arrived at the perfect format. Convenient and better sounding than any other format. Sorry Desmond but you've ... 
Von Schweikert VR-4,Jr.
I think all of your responses were very factual and mature (not always the case). I used to work at Cadence Design Systems - One of the top EDA software companies, so you are right about most of the chip designers and foundries not being in China.... 
SACD - Dying already?
DVD-A and SACD don't fit in anywhere. For audiophiles, they don't sound as good as vinyl, for normal people (non audiophiles);) they don't have enough selection and most people don't care if it is a little better than normal CD (like audiophiles d... 
Von Schweikert VR-4,Jr.
Sedona, The computer you are typing on was made in China as well as all the components inside. You still purchased it... I could go on and on about what you have that came from China - so unless you are Omish good luck trying to make a real moral ...