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Jazz for relaxation
Earl Klugh -- definately laid back jazz, but very well written. A little too "elevator music" sounding to me, but don't let that fool you. His music is more innovative than it sounds. The quality of the recordings are suprisingly good. 
Amazing Solo Piano Recordings
914nut. I have the Norah Jones LP and its definately not your system. The recording of the instruments are great (even though the piano mix is spread across both channels instead of from a particular spot on the soundstage. Norah's voice however i... 
Soundtracks that ROCK
The Armageddon soundtrack: Aerosmith, zz top and others. Somewhat well recorded as well 
Turntable or go into SACD, Simon Yorke vs EMM Lab
Hi Ceol, After 100 years Vinyl still sounds the best. And it has been around over 100 years. That tells me that sound quality is not the priority to profit driven companies. Convenience seems to be the idea. It went from Vinyl "best" to CD "worse"... 
Von Schweikert VR-4jr owners, your thoughts?
I agree with Hooper. The difference between the 4 and 4 jr are very minor. The midrange is a bit back on the jrs (when the rear ambiance driver) is used. However, I think it is because the soundstage is deep (past the back wall). In that respect i... 
Von Schweikert VR-4jr owners, your thoughts?
Lots of good info jgiacalo. Just wanted to second that the spikes do suck. You can bend them with your hands. I had to get some stronger ones aftermarket. 
Redbook+SACD Player to Replace Denon 5900?
Russ, the IMHO should be implied. These are all opinions. Mine aren't always humble ;)Another thing that should be implied in all posts is "let your ears be your guide". Every time someone posts a question - there are about 2-3 people who post "le... 
What speakers to replace Paradigm 100.2? Help
I went from the Paradigm Studio 100 (ver. 1) to Von Schweikert VR-4 jr -- it costs twice as much mind you. I couldn't be happier. As good as the Paradigms were, my system sounds so much better now. The VR-2 s arrent bad either and will sound bette... 
How should I treat window behind listening chair?
I put a comforter behind my speakers over the window and it made a huge improvement. Don't worry about absorbing some sound. It is necessary to get clear imaging and kill brightness. 
Turntable or go into SACD, Simon Yorke vs EMM Lab
Just relax and avoid the SACD hype. The rush to want to get on the wagon is not rational. Your TT will sound better. In fact, DVD-A sounds better. Redbook is very good (SACD is marginally better, so what?), so why get into it. Wait 5 years or so. ... 
Cary 308T CD player Level Adjust.
I'm using Mullards. They sound smooth to me, but I haven't tried any others. I will have to get a hold of some Amperex to try out. 
Redbook+SACD Player to Replace Denon 5900?
jdaniel, A bunch of random facts, but what was your point? I didn't catch it. 80% of this and SACD backordered, and so on. What were you getting at? SACD is taking over because a title is backordered. Sounds like you've been reading Sound and Visi... 
Best headphones you've ever heard/used
Don't know about small headphones, but the Grado RS-1 with RA-1 amp (runs on batteries so it is portable) is good. Some consider it to be bright. I'd have to agree that it is not as smooth as the senns (I have both senns 600) but with the RA-1 amp... 
Redbook+SACD Player to Replace Denon 5900?
Impossible unless you have $10k or more to spend -- so why not get a good redbook player instead of jumping on Sony's bandwagon to nowhere? You can do that for as little as $900. 
Cary 308T CD player Level Adjust.
That makes sense. I have noticed a much smoother sound, yet still keeping the detail at around 56. So I'm not completely crazy after all. haha. Thanks for the input!