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Most achingly-beautiful music
gotta second mozart's k.466 piano concert #20 D minor. My favorite Mozart work and up with my favorite songs of all time. All three movements are amazing, but how he weaves and builds everything to a climax in the development leading to the recap ... 
i am trying to get a smooth vinyl sound from cd
Check out Cary 308T with mullard tubes, end of story -- the tubed gain softens the digital. 
CD player recs under $2000 to replace Jolida
Cary 308T - Since having this CD player (upgraded tubes to Mullards) I will never buy a CD player that doesn't have a tube output stage. This is as close as I can get to vinyl within my budget. 
Coping in an Age of Uncertainty
If I want the best sound, I'll put on an LP. It trumps dvda sacd or whatever four letters you want to come up with. For the titles not available on vinyl I have a wonderful CD player (Redbook) (Cary 308T) - why in the world would I want a 3rd form... 
Why are these speakers so bright but others not?
It could be a number of things, but since I have had a similiar situation recently, I wanted to let you know that uncovered windows (at least in my room) were a disaster. My system was sounding bright, and I recently bought auralex room treatment.... 
Vinyl or wait for the new stuff??
Definately go Vinyl! - If you wait for the new stuff you'll be waiting a long time. There is nothing on the horizon that can match vinyl. SACD may be better than CD but Vinyl is better. I won't even argue about it with anyone. SACD, DVD-A both hav... 
price points vs. room treatment
If money is an issue, there are always DIY options that can be made and if you take the time they can look very nice too....lots of good info about room acoustics here: 
Von Schweikert VR-4jr owners, your thoughts?
I won't go into detail, but my dealer told me that Von Schweikert only made 100 of these off the bat and they are incredibly in demand. They approach the vr 4 gen III, and for the price are an absolute value. Mine aren't even broken in yet, but I ...