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Attention all Melos owners
I'm interested... email sent 
VPI Scoutmaster vs. Pro-ject RM10
Yep another VPI owner that thinks something is wrong with your set up. 
Pass Labs Aleph 3 vs Antique Sound Lab AQ1001 DT
LOL - I've had good luck with the AQ1001DT so far but issues with others in the past. I'm using them with with the Von Schweikert VR4jrs. After comparing which I wasn't sure I'd get a chance to do, I like the Aleph 3... I just might need to use a ... 
Cary 308T analog volume setting
Found my answer on audioasylum ;) Yes. the volume is best at maximum! 
What cartridge are you using with VPI JMW9
Like Bryan I am using the Dynavector 17D mkII - I needed a bigger counter weight as well. I used to use the 20X which was much more lush (to my liking) - but the speed and accuracy of the 17D makes it worth the extra money. 
State of HDCD and SACD
SACD has been claimed to be on its death bed for close to a decade now. New software and hardware are being released....How long do you expect to wait for blu-ray to have a decent pile of software to choose from. Willing to wait 3-5 years? By then... 
I would recommend either X-cans, Singlepower, or Gilmore amps. Head over to for much more discussion on this. 
Jolida JD 100 PC suggestions
JPS labs - no doubt. It is amazing in general but on the Jolida it has synergy. 
Feedback wanted from Jolida JD100A owners
Dazman - agreed. 
Feedback wanted from Jolida JD100A owners
The consensus is right. It has the best midrange under $1,000. The highs are smooth (read: rolled off) - what you are looking for. The bass is very textured, but not extended. Might be an issue for you. Overall very addictive and warm. It is the a... 
Has anyone compared the Cary 308t vs. 303/300???
I think the 308T would match well with the Cary SLI-80. The tubed output is important to me, but I think you'll get better detail from the 306/200. For me I'd go with 308T, but I'm in the minority I think, so would recommend other comments. 
What to do about the Sound of Sirius
Not only that but satelite is failing miserably. 
Does it make sense to buy SACD of old recordings?
To be honest is the best place. The next option is hi end magazines, reviews SACDs/CDs and mentions sound quality. Or look for what you want on SACD and then start a thread asking for other owners if it's worth it sound... 
Does it make sense to buy SACD of old recordings?
Definately look for reviews on the sound quality. I have Dave Broubek's Time Out and it sounds amazing. But I've been burned by buying older recordings that were just tranferred over to SACD and sound terrible. 
Von Schweikert VR4 SR IV
Horn speakers only do dynamics better, what about ambiance, sound quaility, frequency response, etc., etc., live music has a lot of facets. The VR-4SR line no matter what model from VR-1 to VR 100 recreates music that is very revealing in regards ...