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help me with cheap tape deck.
There are plenty of Nakamichi decks on this site. Most good 3 head decks from Nak should have all or most of the features and the build quality you're looking for. For specific info on what models have what features just go to www.naks.com . Good ... 
Tube preamp With 2 single ended outputs.
My Air Tight ATC-1 has two identical single ended outputs and sounds great. 
How Do You Decide What to Listen To?
Actually, that was supposed to be beads of blood! Just not the same effect, oh well. 
How Do You Decide What to Listen To?
I stare at my CD/LP collection until beads of sweat form on my forehead. 
Integrated amp into Lightspeed?
I ran a Bryston B-60 into a Chang 3200 for years with great results. Lowered noise floor and no dynamic limiting that I could detect. I'd say go for it! 
Will people buy Snake Oil?
I will wait for the SE version to come out and then buy that, but it would have to be extremely expensive. 
Best jazz either purchased or released in 2001
Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson (Verve Master Edition), great playing and amazing sound! I also second Bill Frisell Blues Dream or anything by Frisell, for that matter. 
Best 12zx7's for Air Tight.
Aren't the Siemens ECC83 the stock tubes? 
Audiophile's New Year Resolutions?
Buy more software and less hardware! 
Help me with a fully balanced DAC
I have a Timbre TT1 Dac with balanced ins and outs that I love. You sometimes find them on here for around $800 used. 
What is a good amp that cost no more then 3500.00
You should spend $2000 on an amp and use the other $1500 to buy a good used preamp, you definitely need to upgrade from Yamaha. Maybe a good solid state amp like an Ayre or M-L, or BAT, and a tubed preamp such as a BAT 51. 
A quick question?
Thanks guys. All of my interconnects are shielded and I tried a cheater plug on the whole system via my power conditioner. I only hear the hum when I put my ear to the speaker, not at all from my listening position. With every other component turn... 
Audiophile novice needs your expert opinion
The easiest, cheapest, and most effective thing to do is get a cheater plug and lift the ground on your system. This will eliminate the hum and plugs cost something like 50 cents each. 
Soliloquy 6.3 with which tube amp?
I have a pair of 6.2's that I run with a c-j Premiere 11A and it sounds great. 
U.S. Postal Service mail delays
Sarah,I live in DC and have not received any mail in the last 2 days. I don't know when I'll see it again, the main mail sort facility here is closed for 2 weeks. Tell your buyer to hang in there, it's just life after 9/11.