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How many here heard the "Wall of Sound" Dead 70's
I thought the "Wall of Sound" was used in '74 only? I'm far to young to have been there, but I've got many bootlegs and the '74's definitely have a distinct sound. 
Anybody own Shanling CD player?
Check over on www.audioasylum.com There have been a couple of reviews of this player there. 
RB300 tonearm cable upgrade?
Lauerman Imports, Rega's importer offers the Icognito Rewire upgrade and they'll honor your warranty if they do the install for you. It is Cardas litz wiring and it's been favorably reviewed in a number of pubs including Michael Fremer in Sterophi... 
Cables 101 for a beginner
Hey Dennis,I'm in downtown DC also, whereabouts are you neighborhood wise. I'm in Logan Circle. Also, my .02 cents, buy the best wires you can afford they really do make a difference. I've had good luck with Stealth cables, which you can usually f... 
CD Player with a Front Row Presentation?
My Copland CDA 289 is pretty upfront and dynamic. It has a crisp, articulate, extended treble, deep bass, and a clear midrange. It is not aggressive but it is lively. You can occasionally find them used in the $1300 range. Happy listening! 
A.O.R no screaming
Two music greats pass from the scene
Though it's off topic, today we also lost the greatest hitter ever to play the game of baseball, Ted Williams. Condolences to the families, friends, and fans of all these great people. 
Updating my preamp.Frustrating..You Bet
You don't live your life constantly second guessing every decision you make, do you? Well don't build your stereo like that either. This hobby is supposed to be fun, neurotically obsessing that you haven't bought the perfect component is the road ... 
Best band never to release a truly great album?
Bomarc,Though the Dead were better live, they released three great albums, American Beauty, Workingmans Dead, and Live Dead. 
Audio and Wine?
Hi,I'm 32 but I started in the wine biz when I was 21. 
Audio and Wine?
Musicslug,Absolutely. I would be very interested as to what your inclinations are as a professional buyer. For the record, there are many great restaurant winelists out there, but there are also many bad ones. Fill us in. 
Audio and Wine?
Screw caps have a great amount of support industry wide as the ideal closure, but it will be up to restauranteurs and retailers to sell the closure to consumers. Winemakers down under are leading the charge, with the 2002 vintage all Clare Valley,... 
Audio and Wine?
So many big reds mentioned. To me California Cabs and Bordeaux are like solid state and Burgundy, and a good part of Northern Italy are more tubelike. Just kidding, I couldn't resist! As a 11 year veteran of the wine biz my tastes have certainly c... 
Is Audiogon worth it?
I have had twenty five transactions and have never once had a problem. The buyers and sellers on Audiogon are in my experience helpful, courteous, and professional. I would not deal anywhere else. Good luck! 
Which SS preamps will compete w/ tubes?
Yes!! A tube preamp is a must with a SS amp if you want texture and musicality. For $2500 and under you have a wide array of choices, c-j Premiere 14 can be found for around 2K used, and BAT pre's seem to be popular as well and offer a lot of flex...