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Anyone own "EDDIE FROM OHIO"???????
I saw Hot Tuna at the Iron Horse back in college. What a great venue and thanks for bringing back a great memory. 
Which comm. speaker mfgr. makes the best cabinet?
Tim, I believe the correct expression is "chicks dig them", but we get the idea! 
Any opinions on Copland CDA 289 CD player?
My tastes run to jazz and rock and my system is Air Tight/c-j/Sonus Faber. Thanks. 
Marking Items Sold
Charlie, I agree with you that an email doesn't constitute a sale. However when I reach agreement with a buyer via email and someone else inquires I tell them that I have a sale pending but if it falls through I'll let them know. I never tell some... 
Why no analogue at Audioreview.com ???
The general audience there seems to be more mid-fi, home theatre driven, just look at the review categories. Typically you find reviews there on high end brands that are better known, i.e. Krell, Levinson, Cary, etc. The reviews can occasionally b... 
Solid Steel Racks?
www.boltz.com audio racks as well as cd and lp storage racks, all solid steel. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
1. 1990 Honda Accord EX2. 1990 Honda Accord EX (It's paid for!)3. The new Ford Thunderbird looks way cool, but I'd have to second the Porsche 911.The roads in my city, DC, are so uniformly bad that it doesn't pay to have a nice car if you drive a ... 
Where can I buy Extrema's woofer in Italy or USA?
You should contact the Sonus Faber importer/distributor in your country. They should have replacement parts, including drivers. If not, I know Sumiko here in the US does. 
LISTENER Magazine...What Do You Think?
I've subscribed for two years and at first thought it was the best mag out there. It has slowly metamorphosised into dealing almost exclusively with low power tube amps, esoteric horn loudspeakers, and articles that are big surveys of a group of c... 
Dion's new CD crashing party for some users
Nobody should be listening to Celine Dion anyway. If you do I guess you deserve what you get. Sorry to be harsh, but what schmalz. 
Accuphase players and Tact RCS?-Anybody used them
Tim, I believe the correct term is bat "guano", at least that is what I used back in college for my indoor gardening projects. Talk about fog over your head! 
Have CD Recorders changed your listening habits?
That should be live Dead, I hate liver! 
Personal amp evolution
My evolutionary chain is much shorter:Onkyo Receiver>Bryston B60 Integrated>c-j Premiere 11A amp+Airtight ATC-1 PreampI am content with this combo right now, and broke from taxes, so I'm sticking with it for the forseeable future. 
Have CD Recorders changed your listening habits?
The main reason I purchased a CD burner, Phillips 880, was to archive all of my liver Dead cassette tapes and various other bootlegs. Some of my tapes are over 12 years old and I thought it best to archivthem onto a more lasting and stable medium.... 
Virginia Audiophiles - I Need Guidance
Within about an hour to an hour and a half drive ther are two very good stores. Deja-Vu Audio in Mclean and Gifted Listener Audio in Centreville. Deja-Vu specializes in tubes and analog, Too many brands to list, and Gifted Listener is a Levinson, ...