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Analog Power Cord???
A power cord is a power cord. The only reason I can think of for that momenclature is that Transparent makes a cord specifically designed for digital components that has extra filtering to remove digital hash and noise. 
Did I do the right thing?
Flex,My apologies for missing the sarcasm, I'd actually had a few glasses of wine when I read your post.Cheers,Jon 
Did I do the right thing?
Flex,You must be one of those people who thinks that all stereo equipment sounds the same too. So I wonder, what brand of boombox do you use? 
Did I do the right thing?
They are '95 Araujo Eisele Vineyard Estate Cab. Robert Parker say it's the finest wine yet made there. I was hoping to drink it in 12-15 years. Oh well, I guess someone else will get the experience. Assuming I find a serious buyer, that is. 
cornfedboy, signing off
CFB,If you must work for the 'gon, why not become it's voice out here in the forums. As long as we know your postition, who better to moderate the forums with wit, humor, anf grace. All of us infrequent posters will have to rally our meager abilit... 
Help with digital cable BNC ?
I use an Ensemble Digiflux RCA cable and love it! 
Recommendations for a Digital interconnect.
Ensemble Digiflux is a great cable and I've seen a few out here for as little as $80. 
Sonus Faber Owners - Some Input Please
I have SF Grand Piano's with a c-j 11A and it sounds great. Try looking for a c-j CAV50 integrated. 
Theta dealers in the Washington DC area?
I would recommend going over to www.audioasylum.com and doing a search on Soundworks. I don't have any personal axe to grind, but I think you'll find some revealing posts there. 
Theta dealers in the Washington DC area?
Avoid Soundworks, I've heard nothing but bad things about them, snooty attitude, etc. 
Cable Fetish: Exotic, Warm and Romantic
If you can find them, Stealth CWS Signature. Gold plated 4n silver cables that are smooth, detailed, and holographic. 
Are You An Audiophile Or A Music Lover?
I'd offer him my soul. After all, most of the world's greatest dead musicians probably reside somewhere in Hell. 
RCA plugs that don't fit.
Thanks everyone! I figured it out. Boy, do I feel like an idiot. Oh well, it's not the first time. 
Looking or a Used player/Dac for under 2000.
If you're not using silver IC's try it, that alone should liven up yout system. 
Recs for Small Footprint Audiophile System
A Rega Planet 2000, a Bryston B60 integrated and a pair of small floorstanders like Meadowlark Kestrels and you have a compact and extremely musical system with surprising bass.