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Tube pre amp with 2 outputs for Biamping
My Airtight ATC1 has two sets of outputs. If you can find one used they're usually under $2k and they sound great. 
DVD-A, XRCD..... where do YOU get them online?
Try www.amusicdirect.com or www.elusivedisc.com. 
Legacy Focus...why??
I'm curious, how do you know you like the Legacy Focus if you've never heard it? 
What's most important to WAF-size, shape, finish?
Remember to keep it small and blending with the decor is a must. Even the best wood finish can be a no go if it doesn't match the woods already in the room, as I found out the hard way. And remember, black goes with everything. 
Art tatum/Ben webster
That is a great album, and I believe JVC made an XRCD out of it if you want even better sound. Another album along those lines I'd recommend is Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson, available as an excellent sounding Verve Master Edition remastered CD... 
Collective letter s to Stereophile
I could not agree more!! 
DAC w/Toslink in, Balanced out?
Look for a balanced Timbre TT1 Dac. It has a variety of inputs including toslink and balanced outs. It also sounds great, has tremendous build quality and can be found used for $7-900 fairly easily. 
Held up in customs
I already know about duty and fees. I've been told it will be 3% of the declared value plus a brokerage fee of $30-50. It is a Copland CDA 289 from Denmark, I believe the brand is imported inotn the US so the laser should be in compliance. I hope! 
Held up in customs
To clarify it has been placed on hold specifically by the Food and Drug Administration. 
Music to die to
"We Bid You Goodnight", the Grateful Dead live! 
Oh where or where have all the buyers gone?
Drubin,If it pains you so much why post it twice? 
Lower gain in left channel.
It happens at all volumes, so I'll experiment with the tubes. 
Down right BEST CDP for the money???
Cary CD players get rave reviews from their owners and might be synergistic with your other Cary equipment. 
Help? Who is this non-US custom-order spkr mfgr?
I think you mean Living Voice. As you go up the line the cabinets stay the same but the drivers and cross-over change. Good review in the current issue of Hifi+ magazine. 
What's your favorite album cover art ?
Bob Marley, "Catch A Fire"!